Decisions of the Heart

Painting by Bryce Cameron Liston

Drinking tea by herself had not been her plan, but since when did anything go according to plan. Should she really be surprised?

Why had she bothered to dress up? The women here didn’t like her and that was that. She was not a hip city girl. How long had she tried to fit into this new city ? She was done! It was their loss. Perhaps she should put in for a job transfer. They were a big corporation, surely they had openings in their other locations.

That thought gave Rayanna a spark of hope. Maybe her life would finally change for the better.

The next morning Rayanna made sure to dress her best. She planned on asking her boss for a transfer to the office in Wyoming. Wide open spaces where the Buffalo roamed, no need to try and impress people. No more having to worry about what they thought. She had been up late researching the area and saw that they did indeed have an opening. It may be her lucky day.

“Come in!” Was her boss’s brusque reply to her knock on his office door.

Biting her lip and with a deep breath she walked into his office.

“Good Morning Sir, I won’t take up much of your time, I only want to ask a question.”

Her boss was reading the papers on his desk and muttered, “go ahead” without even looking up. Rayanna never felt more like a number than the times he would talk to her without looking up from whatever he was doing. Needless to say, making your employees feel valuable was not a concern of his!

“Well, are you going to ask or not? I don’t have all day.” He barked out, making Rayanna cringe.

“I …ummmm … well ….” Ugh! Get a grip, she told herself .

The words poured out of her in a rush. “I would like to transfer to our facility in Wyoming. Would that be possible?”

Now he looked up. She finally had his attention.

“You are one of our best copywriters and you want to leave?”

“Yes, please.” Rayanna felt a sliver of sunshine peek through her heart. Had he really called her “one of their best?”

“Ok!” I will let them know that I am sending you their way. They have been looking for awhile. Not many people want to go somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. “

Wow! That was easy. Though she felt like the wind knocked out of her sails a bit. He wasn’t even going to ask her to stay! So much for expecting accolades about being one of the best!

“Is that all? I am busy.”

He was back to looking at his papers. Her next boss had to be better, it wouldn’t take much.

“Thank you sir, yes sir.” She refrained herself from cheering when leaving his office. In the privacy of her office she danced a happy dance … Spinning around she let out a cheer just as Darrin came in the door.

“People don’t usually cheer for me, but I will take it.”

Feeling like the sun was beating down on her cheeks she gave a smile.

“Thanks for the mail, Carl”

He smiled in return. “Have a good day, Rayanna.”

He was one employee that she did like. She would miss him. He had always been friendly to her.

The month was flying by. She had told her landlord she was moving and was busy searching for places in Wyoming. There were ten more minutes in her lunch break so she kept looking at housing.

“Can I speak with you?”

Rayanna looked up in surprise at her boss, who was now standing in front of her desk.


“I thought I should let you know that you will actually be transferring to our agency in Alaska. They are in more desperate need. Have a good day!” And he walked out of her office, but the elephant in the room stayed behind. Her chest felt like an elephant had sat on it. Alaska!!

She felt like a rubber ball bouncing back and forth, as far as deciding about leaving or staying. But really, there was no choice, she had to leave. She was miserable here. It would be one big, freezing adventure to go to Alaska, but, who knows, maybe it will be her best adventure yet!

The jury was still out. Everyone in Alaska had been so gracious in welcoming her. It was a really small group of employees here and they did not make her feel like a number! She had already gone sightseeing with Amanda, and she had been in awe of the frozen beauty. Cindy was going to take her shopping tomorrow. Plus she couldn’t deny that Cameron was not bad on the eyes at all.

Her heart was warmed, even in this frozen land. Her cold body may be saying to take herself back to the land of the beach and sun in California, but …

There was a knock on her office door. “Come in.”

“Hi Cameron, how can I help you?”

His eyes looked a tad bluer when he smiled. “Did you have plans for lunch?”

Her heart skipped a beat. Was he asking to take her somewhere for lunch?”

“No. I don’t.”


He put a bulging folder on her desk. Rayanna stared in shock and a little confusion.

“Can you please help me with this project?”

“Umm…sure…I guess I could.” She replied feeling a little deflated, all he wanted was her help.

“Thank you so much! Now, how about we go grab some lunch?” He raised his eyebrows, awaiting her reply.

“Yes.” Her heart fluttered. She had a feeling that the jury was in. The deliberations about whether or not to stay in Alaska had been decided and her heart had won.

64 thoughts on “Decisions of the Heart

  1. So, the way to Rayanna’s heart is through her stomach. I predict she and Cameron will get married, rubbing noses at the altar in a traditional Eskimo ceremony. After this, he will spend his mornings with his face in a newspaper while she tries to get his attention. And she only gets his attention one morning, when she asks him if they could request a transfer back to California.

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  2. It might be just a tad early to imagine a walk down the isle with someone who seems mostly interested in pawning off some work on Rayanna. She should be a little more like Maggie O’Connell from Northern Exposure. I’m sure she could stream the series and get tips. πŸ˜‰

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