Cows with an Accent … Bill Murray’s Random Act of Kindness and More Facts …


I am sure he made lots of people happy!


Hmmm … does this mean that other animals have accents too?


Another case of not understanding how people can be sooo …. !


For all of those who want a reason to avoid a dinner party. Now you have a name for it.


I bet the nezt time they ended up in there the roof was secure.


His sister was his hero!!

25 thoughts on “Cows with an Accent … Bill Murray’s Random Act of Kindness and More Facts …

  1. Hmm, interesting stuff, Carolyn. The thing about the cow accents cracks me up. “Oh, you’re one of those cows from the deep South.”

    I understand that people have social anxiety, but I didn’t know that existed around a dinner table. About the only time I feel awkward is when I’m at a social function and I know like 2 out of the 50 people there.


  2. 1) That’s one way to get a crowd for your friend’s band.
    2) I can just imagine the cow-accent study. Reminds me of a Physics PhD thesis on the movement of humans in punk-rock concert “mosh pits”. I’m not making that up.
    3) Imagine the water bill.
    4) That photo just gave me deipnophobia. And what is that on their plates, roast cow on toast? Yikes!
    5) I bet they were celebrating at the saloon with the money they were paid to build the jail.
    6) Definitely one of those “more to the story” stories.

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    • Haha on tne friend’s band. πŸ˜„
      The physics of movement in the mosh pit?? Oh help! My kids were just at a rock concert last night but they stayed out of the mosh pit this time. My daughter still hurt her shoulder though because of a guy crowd surfing and grabbing her arm. 😢🀚!
      I was trying to figure out what the food was as well!
      I would much rather sit at a.dinner table with bloggers. πŸ˜„
      Would like to hear the “rest of the story” for the last one!

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  3. An interesting assortment of unknown facts. While I’m not surprised that cows have different ‘accents’ in their moos, since birds sing unique notes to communicate with their own species, the fact that money was spent to study this – while veterans are homeless and people are going hungry, etc. – really ruffles my feathers!

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  4. Cows with accents!? Oh, please! 🀚
    I believe that is Beef Wellington on the dinner plates. Yeah, I watch Hell’s Kitchen – where Beef Wellington is a restaurant staple – and this season’s Top Chef (International) was in London and an episode featured Beef Wellington.

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