Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Listening to a blast from the past … Richard Marx … I was always intrigued with the sad song, HazzardWondered if it was based on a real event … but no, he was a fan of murder mysteries and thought he would write a song … Didn’t really like it and didn’t plan on recording it … But his wife told him it would be a hit and to prove her wrong he recorded it …. She was right! When will guys learn ,,. LOL!

When have you been happily surprised by something that you expected to go the other way?

My niece sent me this pic asking if this is how I do puzzles … She nailed it … This is absolutely right!

29 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. {Snicker} I like the way you do puzzles! They would vex me if I tried the conventional way. While I couldn’t get the video link to work, I Googled it and listened. It was well worth it. You’re so right, what a hauntingly good song and intense video.

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  2. Yep, that’s the way I sort puzzle pieces, even for online jigsaw puzzles. Of course, that’s after finding the edges and corners and presuming clearly defined pictures like that. I tend to enjoy the challenge of puzzles with lots of sky, sea or grass and flowers.

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