Round and Round

“The wheels on the bus go round and round….” Round and round the song went in my head. It was stuck in my head as I rolled along in the bus, having no real destination.

I needed to clear my bead. One moment I was walking down the street aimlessly and tbe next thing I know I was buying a bus ticket.

Now here I sat with a preschool song rolling through part of my brain while memories of my past rolled through anotber.

Nobody seemed to mind that I wasn’t up for conversation. Most either had their head in a phone or a book. Or they were catching a few extra winks.

One lady had pink scrubs on and looked exhausted. Had she pulled a double perhaps?

Another guy was engrossed in an Astronomy magazine. I used to love looking at the stars at night. The starry sky seemed huge when growing up on the farm.

So many wishes were made upon a star. If only all of them would have come true.

Okay, maybe not quite all. I saw Trevor at our 10th Highschool reunion and am really glad I didn’t end up with him.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round…” The tires squeal as it stops to pick up someone. A tall lady steps onto the bus and rakes a seat across from me. I try not to stare, but can’t help it.

“The horn on the bus goes beep…” The driver mutters something unintelligible. Dealing with bad drivers and pedestrians were a big part of city driving.

I made myself look away, didn’t want to make the lady feel awkward. But soon I was looking again. I had never seen anyone before in a raspberry beret. Looked so fashionable upon her head.

She clutched onto her Gucci shoulder bag and sat up all prim and proper. I couldn’t help but wonder what all she kept inside of it.

“The wipers on the bus go swish…swish.” It had started raining, maybe I would keep riding the bus for a little while longer.

A raspberry beret. It was only a hat but tbis beret was special. I didn’t know why but there was something that drew me in.

The young lady kept looking back and forth, sitting so close to the edge of the seat. I was sure she would fall.

I smiled but didn’t get one back.

Was that a tear slipping down her face?

Something told me that I needed to stay witb beret lady. What was her story? We all have stories but some are hidden more than others.

“The babies on the bus go….” A frazzled mom sit diagonally across from me. The baby wailed but then as quickly as it had started, it stopped.

My beret lady pulled out a little notebook from her big bag and began to write. What was she writing and why did I care? What drew me to her? Had I seen her before?

‘The wheels on the bus go round and round…” ( to be continued…)

28 thoughts on “Round and Round

  1. This is a rather tame bus. Where’s the geeky guy who sits next to you and tries to start up a conversation about how everyone is spying on him? Or the tattooed gangbanger who keeps staring at your purse? Or the derelict stewbum who throws up in the aisle?

    Just the same, I’m wondering why a lady with a gucci bag is riding a bus. Did her limousine break down? Looking forward to the next installation.

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  2. At long last the bus made its final stop at the Pleasant Noggin Insane Asylum. Two men in white coats came out to assist our bus rider and the lady with the raspberry beret and the other passengers into the building. There they were warmly greeted with a reception with refreshments featuring Shoo-fly pie made by one of the long-term inmates.

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  3. Reminds of “The Bus Ride”:

    Waiting for the 34A bus. I hoped it would arrive on time.
    Then… I clearly saw it coming. A relief to all who were there
    And standing patiently in line.
    I walked down the aisle and found a window seat.
    I settled in for the ride, when a young lady sat next to me
    With a smile… so sweet.
    The next stop was hers,. So I thought a fond “Farewell”
    She got off and walked away, smiling to all around her,
    Clearly she had many stories to tell.
    An elderly man then got on and took her still warm seat.
    He had just smoked which was rather unpleasant,
    And my senses just wanted to retreat.
    So I turned and looked out the window and saw a couple clearly in a dispute.
    They seemed a rather odd pair. She was very badly dressed.
    He was in a smart business suit.
    Behind them a man was opening shop and bringing his flowers out for display.
    He was carefully mixing the colors, but the couple were oblivious to it all.
    Sad really, as it may have brightened their day.
    The smell of stale tobacco left the bus. The seat next to me was empty once more…
    But not for long, for a large man with backpack, guitar case and books sat down
    And put them all on the floor.
    I was pushed up against the window. There was little room for my feet.
    Then he started to talk about his life, and his music.
    What a gentle soul to meet!
    When he left, the seat was empty once more. With two stops (for me) to go,
    She got on. An angelic vision. An image of beauty indeed.
    She sat down… turned… smiled …and said “Hello!”
    My heart skipped a beat. I looked at her face.
    My temperature was rising. I fidgeted around on my seat
    My pulse was starting to race.
    Such gentleness; Such warmth; Such an angel and so near.
    What could I say to this vision of loveliness? The bus started braking for my stop.
    “Excuse me please. I have to get off here!”
    I watched the bus pull away. She waved to me through the glass.
    If only she had got on earlier. If only… But “If only” never serves a purpose.
    Life is always what actually comes to pass.

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