In Between the Petals

The time was growing late she had to get home.  She would have been home by now if her boss hadn’t called for an emergency meeting. Everyone was tense at first, thinking there was going to be a lay off.  Fortunately they were wrong, but Alyssa failed to see how they couldn’t have waited until tomorrow, to talk about the budget.

Now she had missed the taxi and had to walk home. In this small town tbe taxi cabs didn’t run late. It wasn’t like living in the big city. Wouldn’t have been too bad to walk home if she would have worn sensible walking shoes.

As Alyssa walked she couldn’t get one of the newest paintings out of her mind. The museum had acquired it this week and there was almost something haunting about it.

It had a twist that one didn’t usually see in paintings.  There were words blended in with the picture. They were tiny. Only a trained eye could notice, and Alyssa had much experience in looking for fine details. That was part of her job.

Did the words mean anything? Alyssa was hoping for more time to study the painting and find all the words that were there.

By the time she made it home her feet were killing her. One good thing came out of having to walk home, her fitbit registered the highest amount of steps so far this week.

The next day Ayssa wore her red polka dot dress and red sneakers. It was comfort before style today.

It had been a busy morning with tours but her afternoon was free. Alyssa was happy about closing herself in her office,  with the “haunting”  painting on her table. Was there a hidden message?

The painting was vibrant with color. Fiery red flower petals under a full moon filled the canvas. The moon is what gave Alyssa a haunting feeling. Usually a moon was peaceful to look at, especially if it was over water and you could see its reflection. But this moon had an eerie glow.

The words were around the flower petals. “Blood red flowers of regret.” Looking closer Alyssa identified the flower. It was the Bleeding Heart. The flowers were heart-shaped.

Combing through the painting with a fine tooth comb, Alyssa finished. She was satisfied that there were not anymore hidden words. Her heart felt bad for the artist, Camille. Was this a personal painting with meaning behind the words? Being that this painting was so old, Alyssa may never know.

“Tell me Camille, what is your hidden secret?” Alyssa whispered, as she hung the “Hidden Secrets” painting on the wall.

Alyssa had off on Thursday mornings and she was craving the best lattes around. She had to stop in at Mason’s Diner.

She was enjoying sipping her cinnamon vanilla latte when she heard Tippner say in a loud voice. “You got bit by what? A baby ostrich you say! There aren’t ostriches here. In case you didn’t notice this isn’t Africa.”

“I know an ostrich when I see one and this was one!”

Mason tried to hide his bandaged fingers but Tippner saw them. “What happened?”

“I always knew that ostriches were mean. The bird bit me!”

Tippner’s eyes got wide. “You really saw an ostrich? Wow!”

‘”I have to say it was cute at first. It had a brown rabbit walking beside it and a butterfly was on the rabbit’s nose.”

Tippner raised his eyebrows. “A brown rabbit with a butterfly staying on the rabbit’s nose, walking beside a baby ostrich? How many pain pills exactly are you taking for your painful bite?”

32 thoughts on “In Between the Petals

  1. The next day Mason walked into the diner and Tippner asked him about his hand.

    “It’s feeling much better today” Mason said with a smirk.

    “Say, those are some nice new boots you have on.” Tippner said “What kind of boots are those?”

    “Ostrich skin” Mason said.

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  2. I think the “Blood red flowers of regret,” symbolize Jason’s injured fingers. Or how the ostrich felt after Jason got ahold of him. But Tippner sure has a brain for birds, knowing that ostriches are only in Africa. I think Allysa is very impressed with Tippner’s intelligence.

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