The Surprising Egg

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Luna needed a rest. She had flown around all morning. Spotting her friend Amber, she landed on her nose. Rabbits were huge and had intimidated Luna at first. Fortunately it didn’t take long for her to realize that rabbits were gentle creatures and wouldn’t hurt her. Amber had become a close friend of Luna’s.

“Hi Amber, how are you this morning?”

Amber couldn’t speak at first due to laughing. Luna always tickled her nose when she landed on her.

“Hi Luna. I am so happy you will never guess what happened. I was picked to be the … ”  Amber stopped talking and waited.

Luna sighed. Amber knew how much her curious friend Luna hated suspense. She enjoyed teasing her at times.

“What! Tell me, you silly rabbit.”

Luna tapdanced on Amber’s ear, making it twitch.

“Stop, I will tell you.” Amber giggled.

“I am going to be the Easter Bunny’s assistant to his assistant.” Hopping with enthusiasm Amber beamed.

Luna marveled at her friend. This was what she admired about Amber. She always found joy in the simplest of things.

“Comgrats, what a honor for you. If I may ask one question.  You know me, .and how curious I am. What exactly does the Easter bunny’s assistant to its assistant do?

“Something real important. I am in charge of finding the Extra Special Egg as a sign to  welcome Spring. We will paint it and place it by our family burrow.

Luna flew to where zhe could look Amber in the eye. “Wow! You weren’t kidding about it being an important job.”

Amber spoke with pride, “My dear, sweet great- grandmother once had the job.  Now its my turn. I want to find the bestest egg ever!”

The hunt began. Luna flew ane Amber hopped all over looking for the perfect egg. Amber was growing tired. Maybe this job wasn’t so wonderful after all. It was a lot of work.

When Amber was about to lose hope they spotted it. They were speechless. The egg was huge! Everyone would be so surprised and pleased. It took a long time to roll it back to thw burrow but they made it. Amber called everyone to come look and they ooohed and aahed. All agreed that Amber and Luna had found the most incredible egg ever! Amber felt mighty proud.

It took a long time to paint but Amber applied the last stroke and they all cheered. Spring had now officially begun and the beautiful egg impressed all who stopped by Amber’s burrow.

One morning Amber was sitting by the egg waiting for Luna when Crack! Amber jumped and was aghast as she watched her most special egg start cracking all over. That was the day that Oswald the Ostrich was born.

23 thoughts on “The Surprising Egg

  1. This is adorable and made my morning! Happy birthday, Oswald! A beautiful story of family, friends, traditions~using the cutest of creatures! Well done my joyful and awesome friend! Spring has sprung! 🐰🐰💕🎶❤️💛 much love and hugs!

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