Finding Her Smile

Chelsea watched the raindrops racing each other down the window. She had been sitting at the window for awhile. It really was time for her to get some things done around the house, but she wasn’t in the mood.

A melancholy state had enveloped her and it was hard to knock.

She had been on the phone most of the day dealing with credit card companies, and the DMV. Never succeeded in getting hold of someone at the DMV, even after being on hold for more than an hour.

Events of the week were ones she didn’t want to repeat. Why did people think they needed to steal? Some people she would never figure out!

Snickers  snuggled up to her on the couch. How she loved the warmth of.her puppy. Nothing could compare to a puppy’s love.

“Okay Snickers”, she hoisted herself up and off the couch. “I have work to do.”She groaned, looking at the dirty floor. Where was her magical cleaning fairy when she needed one? Chelsea was mentally exhausted.

After two hours of cleaning, she looked around and was pleased. It had been worth it to push herself. Now where was her blanket and a good book?

Ding-Dong! Who was at the door? Chelsea wondered, as sbe hurried down the steps, sbe wasn’t expecting anyone. The cleaning fairy was too late if it was her, but since when did fairies ring door bells?

Opening the door she was surprised to see a delivery man.  “Special delivery for you, may sweet things come your way and your day get better.” He handed her three small boxes with a smile.

Carrying them into the litchen she put them on the table and opened the warm box. Fresh chocolate chip cookies! Still warm from the oven. Her taste buds were salivating as she put the warm cookie into her mouth.

Gratitude flowed and she found her smile. What a wonderful surprise from a thoughtful friend! Her family would enjoy the cookies and cupcakes too. Snickerdoodle cup cakes,  and  red velvet ones. Than again, if her family didn’t get home soon they may never know that the sweet treats existed.

Cbelsea’s family soon arrived home and little Sammy yelled witb delight after walking into the kitchen. “I SPY  somethibg brown with my little eyes.”

Susie wrinkled her nose, trying to think of something brown. “Cookies!” Her little hand grabbed it right out of little Sammy’s hand.


Before any tears were shed Chelsea gave him another cookie.

Her husband reached around her grabbing a cookie from the box, witb a twinkle in his eye. His eyes brightened, and he had to grab another. 

Later that night Chelsea went to get her glasses to read. Then she remembered they had been in her stolen bag as well. Never had she been as grateful for the extra pair she had.

She thought of the unique bookmark that her close friend had given her. Yes, it was little, but a sentimental gift that noone had the right to steal, but they did.

Big and little things may have been taken. Moments of anger may pervade at times. But Cheleea rested in the knowledge that though life was full of unfair and bad things, there were touching moments as.well. Moments like a special delivery of.chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes too.

48 thoughts on “Finding Her Smile

  1. Later Chelsie was looking for her husband, he wasn’t in the chair reading a book like he usually did. She searched the house and when looking the spare room, she found him laid out on the bed snoring, cookie crumbs all over his shirt, and an empty box of cookies at his side.

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  2. Later, Chelsea got an idea. She put an open bag of cookies in the passenger’s seat of her car, and left it parked in a bad neighborhood. She hid behind a nearby dumpster and watched and waited. After about 10 minutes, some hooligans were showing interest, peering through the window. Then they opened the car door and reached inside for the cookies. That’s when Chelsea pushed the button on her remote control net trap. A giant net flew through the air and enveloped her car, trapping the thieves in a reticulated tangle. Soon the cops arrived and cuffed and stuffed the bastards.

    Chelsea became a superhero vigilante after that, and made it her mission to go about town, catching car burglars, and filling the local jail.

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