“Love potion?” … A Cafe for Sharks … A Hero Pigeon … and Other Facts!


Apparently she was the opposite of a matchmaker!


One determined pigeon!


Do not believe I want to be anywhere near a blue-ringed octopus.


They know how good Latte and Cappacino’s are.


No thanks! Rock climbing is not for me.


What a great idea!

21 thoughts on ““Love potion?” … A Cafe for Sharks … A Hero Pigeon … and Other Facts!

  1. Wow! They should have made that pigeon an honorary Marine!!

    I have a new found respect for Great White sharks now! I love cafes! Haha!!

    I like rock climbing, but not free-climbing! That made my skin crawl!!

    The kid drawing duvet is a really cute idea!!

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  2. Wow … lots of fun fact here today!

    #1 — there was more to Ana than meets the eye here. She had 11 children, only one of whom survived to adulthood. She was actually a respected herbalist who helped many in her area overcome illness, but when a wife was tired of being abused by her husband, Ana would provide her “love potion” for a price ranging anywhere from the equivalent of $6,000 USD to $33,000 USD. She lived to be 100 years old!

    #2 — Two thumbs up for Cher Ami!!!

    #5 — I have only one comment: WHY???

    #6 — Awwww … now that melts my heart!

    Fun stuff, my friend! ❀

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    • Wow! That lady was raking in the money! I see it as taking advantage of woman that were in a bad situation, not tbat she really cared about them being abused.

      YES! Why???

      I thank her son will keep that duvet forever! ❀

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  3. There was no need for arsenic. All those women had to do was give their husbands coffee.
    That homing pigeon confirms my suspicions: War is for the birds.
    I hear that women often encounter ringed octopuses in cocktail lounges.
    Those sharks remind me of some recent news stories of Great White shark attacks somewhere in the Galveston area.
    That picture of the rock climber must be trick photography. I’m not falling for it.
    Unfortunately, all the duvet drawings were smeared after her son wet the bed.

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  4. That Yugoslavian Baba Anujka must have hated men or delusionally believed her tonic would help the situation? Arsenic was a popular tonic – in small amounts in previous centuries, but could also kill. I do wonder how the women fared after their husbands died.
    The octopus an sharks are dangerous. The sea often tries to kill us. I was just listening to a story of how the Grey Nurse shark is endangered, but hangs out in ocean gutters – in packs, showing signs of gregariousness. Shark Cafe indeed. I hope to avoid it – like the arsenic love potion, and the octopus. The homing pigeon story warms my heart. Animals (including birds) are amazing!


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