Psychology 101

If she had known it was going to be so windy today she wouldn’t have worn a dress. Using one hand to hold down her dress while csrrying books in the otjer hand, and maintaing balance was hard.

A big gust of wind blew up the one side of her dress causing her to drop the books.

Was someone snickering? Looking behind her she saw two little boys laughing at her. Glaring at them she took a step forward, put out her hands, and sounding like the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz, she spoke, “I’ll get you…”

The boys turned and ran, helter-skelter down the sidewalk. Jasmine chided herself, since when did she go around scaring little boys? Bending down she finished picking up her books.

“Remind me not to get on yout bad side.”

She looked up to see a man smiling down at her. Her cheeks flushed. He was older with no hair to be blown by the wind.  He handed the last two books to her.

“Hmmm..psychology books. Are you studying Psychology?”

“Yes, I  start class tomorrow at the University.  It has been a crazy day and I am nervous. My car died this morning and my cat had fish for breakfast. Not the fish in a can, but one who used to live in a bowl. His name was Nemo…and…”  Jasmine closed her eyes and took a breath.

The man couldn’t hide his smile, but he had compassion in his eyes. Laying a hand on her shoulder he told her to do something relaxing tonight and wished her well at the University. She thanked him and watched him walk away.

Jasmine was slightly embarrassed how sbe had blurted out everything to him, but she did feel a little better. She would take his advice and relax in her apartment tonight. But first she was going to buy a new fish.

Choosing a seat in the front row Jasmine sat down. After a good night’s sleep she felt better. All her car needed was a new battery, so she was happy.

“Good Morning everyone, my name is Professor Tribald.” The man spoke as he walked into the room.

She couldn’t believe her eyes! It was him, the older man from yesterday.

“We will start off this semester by studying what most people think of as a children’s story. It is a children’s story but there are psychological lessons to be learned from the characters. The book is The Wizard of Oz.”

His eyes met hers and Jasmine was sure that her face was crimson, as he continued.

“The Wicked Witch is especially interesting…”

43 thoughts on “Psychology 101

  1. So, the professor put a hand on her shoulder and advised her to do something relaxing in the evening? Sounds like sexual harassment, to me. If Jasmine is also studying law, she might realize she has a potential gold mine on her hands. She can sue Professor Tribald, and win a judgment large enough to drop out of college and never have to work at anything else for the rest of her life.

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