Another Dumbo? … The Traveling Suitcase … 13 years around the World and other Facts!


I am buying my husband a metal detector when he retires.


Clever! πŸ™‚


Oh, I wonder what stories that suitcase could tell, if it could talk!


Can he fly, like Dumbo?


He did this in 2007, in the Guiness Book of World Records. I can’t imagine! 13 years is a LONG time!


Now that is creative sportsmanship!

33 thoughts on “Another Dumbo? … The Traveling Suitcase … 13 years around the World and other Facts!

  1. I wonder if Romans had pockets in their togas, to handle their spare change.

    I guess in some cities, if you steal a tree, yer in for a surprise.

    If “almost everything” was still in the lady’s luggage, I wonder what they stole?

    I’d like to learn more about Jerboas, so I’m all ears.

    I’ll bet Jason Lewis is a trustfunder. Lucky bastard.

    The two Japanese pole vaulters set an example for their country, which is probably why Japan came in second during World War II.

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  2. I once ran into two young guys backpacking who took an entire year off from work to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Canada to Mexico.

    It’s never good when your luggage has seen the world more than you have.

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  3. Interesting tidbits. Maybe I should invest in a metal detector – it would be good encouragement to do more walking if there was a chance of garnering a prize for doing it!

    I’m wondering how you know if urine a tree lot that’s been sprayed with fox urine? I’d think a sign stating that fact and what will happen would be enough to stop most tree thieves.

    I lost my luggage once. I got it delivered to me (an hour away from the airport) the next day. Fortunately, I have ALWAYS put a set of spare underthings in my carry-on.

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