Poor Phil!

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Could the day get any worse? He should go back in his hole and stay there. One week before his day of stardom and his ex-wife has to ruin everything!

Can’t he have one day of the year where he is special? Where he is in the spotlight? His wife always had been jealous of him. Should be be surprised that she was trying to steal the spotlight now? It was front page news everywhere that she had called him a liar.

Poor Phil wandered aimlessly around. What would he do now? No one would respect him anymore. He felt the animals snickering behind his back.

William the wise owl always complained about the humans not consulting him about the weather. After all he was called a wise owl for a reason, he would say.

Susie the squirrel said that the humans were nuts not to ask a squirrel! She would try to make her tail extra fluffy and put a bow around her neck to get the humans attention, but then she would glare at Phil on Groundhog day.

He felt all alone, noone felt sorry for him. Noone except his friend James. When he saw him up ahead his heart lifted a little. But oh, he looked so sad.

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“Hey James the 13th, what is wrong?”

James looked at Phil. “No one wants me around. Its so crowded at home, I feel like I am suffocating when in the burrow.”

Phil could certainly understand that. He never knew how James could handle having so many siblings!

“Maybe I should leave like James did?”

Phil remembered James the 21st, he was a kind friend too, but had gone to work for some Queen. He was living like royalty now.

The thought of James the 13th leaving, made Phil even sadder. He would be lonely without his friend.

“Where would you go?”

James the 13th puckered out his bottom lip, “I don’t know. I am too scared to go anywhere alone.”

“Hey Phil! You may want to hide. Humans don’t like liars. You may find yourself being made into groundhog stew.” The monkeys swung from the trees laughing at him.

Phil trembled, stew? Do humans really eat groundhog stew? He and James looked at each other and at that moment they made a decision. They didn’t know where they were going, but it had to be somewhere far away and they would go together.

The day dawned bright and sunny and Phil couldn’t be happier. “James this idea was perfect! Susie the squirrel would be so jealous of the lei around my neck.”

James laughed, “She sure would. Nothing but sunshine here! Your ex would be jealous as well. Hawaii is the true land of sunshine. “

Punxsutawney Phil closed his eyes. Life was good! He was fine with not being the star anymore. Let the humans forecast their own weather. He was more than happy to let the Palm Tree do his job.

90 thoughts on “Poor Phil!

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!! As soon as I saw the picture of Phil’s ex, I knew this was gonna make me smile! That picture is worth a thousand words! But, I have to ask … how did Phil & James GET to Hawaii??? There is, after all, a bunch o’ water betwixt Pennsylvania and Hawaii, and I’m not sure they could burrow under it. Great story, my friend!

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  2. I didn’t know there were monkeys in Pennsylvania. Except around Chambersburg.

    But Phil and James enjoyed Hawaii for some time, until one day while Phil was resting beneath a palm tree. Barely had he closed his eyes to take a nap when, conk! A coconut fell on his head. After his headache wore off, he decided Hawaii was not the paradise he thought it would be, and he headed back to PA.

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    • Always glad to bring a smile!! And warm fuzzies on this COLD day.
      I thought Phil deserved a story of his own , even if I am not happy with him seeing his shadow.
      And couldn’t resist the adorable James the 13th.


  3. Phil should have stayed and stood his ground, hogging all the spotlight.

    Perhaps on their way back from Hawaii, Phil and James stop off in California and meet up with a grumpy retired postman with a shiny new van and adventures ensue.

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  4. And then the humidity started to drive Phil crazy and he scratched and itched 24/7. It was worse than having fleas. He left so called paradise Florida after his agent begged him to move back to PA to as a well-attended chubby rodent living the good life. All those snacks made him care less about the pseudo-meteorologist status. People came from miles around to see him and that attention comforted him from after so rudely being awoken from his winter hibernation sleep. Humans were soooo gullible. Didn’t they know spring will arrive in 6 weeks anyway? As for Phyllis, she was a well known malcontented harpy and Phil considered himself lucky she moved to Florida. Her and her fleas made for good companions.


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