The Unexpected Guests

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The weather outside was freezing but Belinda was cozy by the fire. She was wrapped in her fuzzy lavender blanket with a book. A book that she was trying to concentrate on, but failing miserably.  She had already re-read the one page four times.

Sighing, she studied the flames. Why was she still so fixated on that peacock painting that she had been outbid on? What made her bid so high to begin with?

It had been  a few weeks already but not a day had gone by without her thinking about it.

“Admit it Belinda, you are obsessed with him.”

“Him?? I was talking about the painting.”

“Yeah, keep letting yourself think that.”

Hmmph! Belinda hated when her subconscious was right.

Okay, so maybe she had been a tad smitten by the mysterious guy who kept bidding against her. He was good-looking, she wasn’t blind. Their eyes had met once across the room.

Belinda knew that if she was ever to find a soulmate , that it needed to be someone fascinated with art like she was. With his outrageous bid, he obviously enjoyed paintings. He had good taste too, for the peacock painting was the most beautiful one there.

“So mystery man, will I meet you again at another auction. Was our destiny created that night, our paths meant to cross?”

Oooh, she grabbed the couch pillow and smacked her face with it, she had to stop daydreaming. If she was going to meet the mysterious guy at all, it would happen whenever it was meant to. Her romantic heart wasn’t going to make it happen any faster by wishing on it.

For all she knew he was married with kids and wanted that painting for an anniversary present for his dear wife.

Perhaps his wife had always admired peacocks. Maybe they lived on a farm and had a few peacocks that strutted around feeling proud. Until the sad day when a delivety man sped into their driveway and hit the three peacocks, killing them all.

The painting would be in honor of them. She wiped a tear, having a soft heart for animals. 

Well, if that was the case she was more than happy that he got the painting. Now she would put him out of her head, letting him live happily ever after with his wife.

Smiling, she picked up her book again and began to read

“Ding Dong!” Belinda’s heart jumped. Who was out at this time of night?

Feeling slightly hesitant she opened the door.

She was startled to see a young man standing at the door along with an elderly lady.

“Hi Miss,  I am so sorry to disturb you. My name is Jordan and this is my dear grandmother Tess.”

Tess smiled and put out her hand, which Belinda shook.

“Our car broke down and my phone died. May I please use your phone and would you mind if we came in to warm up. My poor grandmother is really cold.”

“Certainly, come in, come in! Warm yourselves by the fire.” Belinda figured it was safe. The gentleman couldn’t be an ax-murderer. Not with his grandmother with him!

“Would you like some hot tea?”

“That would be lovely dear.” Tess’s eyes shone with appreciation as Belinda led them to the fire, giving them blankets.

“What lovely paintings you have on your walls.” Tess and Jordan looked at them with admiration, as ones who love art.

“Thank you! I am an art collector, wonderful paintings catch my eye.”

“Looks like you have exquisite taste.” Jordan smiled at her.

Feeling a little shy, Belinda could only smile in return.

“Oh, let me get you my phone. I will be right back.” Belinda left the room, and Jordan continued to admire the paintings,  along with his grandmother.

“Here you go”. She handed Jordan the phone and he excused himself to make the call.

Belinda made some coconut almond tea and sat down on the couch with Tess.

“Do you paint?” Belinda asked Tess.

“No, but my late husband did and oooh was he talented. He knew I grew up liking peacocks and that my favorite color was pink. He gave me a painting of the most beautiful pink peacock on our wedding day.”

Goosebumps were breaking out on Belinda. A pink peacock?

In a shaky voice she turned towards Tess. ” I am sure you treasured the paining.”

Jordan walked into the room, “Grandma, Bill is comimg to help us get back on the road again. I know you need to get home to bed. He will be here as soon as he can. I am so sorry about all this. “

His grandma shook her head. “Stop apologizing, its not your fault that your gas gauge is broken and so we ran out of gas. I may be old but I am not frail! I will be fine.”

Jordan put his hands up, “Yes, you are definitely not frail. I am only watching out for you.”

Belinda enjoyed them banter and then she felt as if all the air had rushed out of her lungs when Tess spoke again.

“My grandson is an angel! He found my pink peacock at an auction and bought it for me. The painting that I had thought was forever lost!”

Belinda couldn’t speak, she had thought he looked familiar but what were the odds. At that moment she felt Jordan’s eyes intently on her. “Its you.” He said, softly.

Their gaze held as she gave a simple nod.

“Ding Dong!” The moment was broken.

Belinda opened the door, “Hi! I am Bill.”

“Hi Bill!” Belinda moved aside as Jordan greeted Bill.

Tess took Belinda’s hand in hers. “Thank you dear for your sweet hospitality. Keep collecting the beautiful paintings. One never knows the stories that may lurk behind them.”

Then she looked at Jordan and back at Belinda.”Perhaps we will meet again.” She gave her hand a soft squeeze and a wink.

“Perhaps…” said Jordan, looking once more into Belinda’s eyes. “Perhaps we shall.”

72 thoughts on “The Unexpected Guests

  1. A few days later, Tess and Jordan showed up again, with a shoo-fly pie, as a thank you for Belinda’s hospitality. Belinda invited them in. But just as soon as they stepped into the house, Tess smashed the shoo-fly pie in Belinda’s face. The pie was so gooey and sticky that Belinda was rendered incapable of seeing anything. And as she put her hands to her face to wipe the pie off, they stuck to her face like flypaper.

    Then Tess pulled an axe out of her purse and proceeded to chop Belinda to bits. No, Jordan wasn’t an axe-murderer, but Tess sure was. Never trust old grandmothers unless they’re frail.

    After this dirty deed was done, they took all the paintings off the wall and absconded with them. After a cooling off period, these paintings began to appear at auctions all over the world. Tess and Jordan lived rich and happy, ever after.

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  2. Being a romantic at heart, it surprises me to say this, but I actually think Tippy’s conclusion to the story is BRILLIANT (except for the waste of a yummy shoofly pie!). It’s a twist that would be unexpected in your stories and enrapture the reader in its twist! I vote “Yea” on it!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Phew! For just a moment there I was afraid that Tess and Jordan were art thieves who were going to abscond with one of Belinda’s paintings while she was making tea. I’m glad it worked out differently.

    Liked by 2 people

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