Saying No to Santa?

Here is the continuation from last night’s post, A Secret Mission

Tippner and Mason felt like they were in a dream. When Santa shook their hands with a hearty “Ho-Ho-Ho” they felt like they were little boys again andΒ  couldn’t stop smiling.

Mrs Claus reminded them of a  sweet, precious grandmother when she welcomed them with a big, warm hug.

Now they were reclining on the velvety soft couch, with plenty of plush pillows to make themselves comfy with. Santa was ready to fill them in about their special assignments.

“I am sure you both are quite curious as to why I sent a special certified letter inviting you both to come to the North Pole. The special assignments I need help with is ..”

“Come to the table, the dessert is ready.” Mrs Claus called out from the kitchen.

“Give us a few moments, I am about to explain to each of them their assignment.”

Mrs Claus came out of the kitchen, and gave Santa the look. “These poor guys have been traveling all day and they are hungry! You can wait.”

As eager as Mason and Tippner were to hear about their assignments,Β  they couldn’t deny that they were hungry.

“You heard the boss,”  said Santa, with a twinkle in his eye. “Let’s go to the table.

Oh, their mouth watered at the sight. Peppermint Bark Pie! Mason felt like he was in Heaven.The first bite was as delicious as they expected. 

“You need to have Cara learn how to make this pie for your diner.”

Santa smiled, “Oh Cara, she is a wonderful young lady.” Candy Cane heartily agreed, as she listened to Santa, while stroking her cat.

“There are alot of good people that live in Bittersweet Creek. Your town is one of the first places I visit on Christmas Eve. My elves, Snowball and Alabaster really like your town too.”

Tippner and Mason felt proud, their town was among Santa’s favorite places.

“So, now about your assingments. Tippner, I will start with you. I believe that you are a Superstar bicycle repairman, am I right?”

“OH, most definitely! I am your man, when it comes to working on bikes, no one can do it better.”

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear! I have a place in the workshop cleared especially for you. We had a huge delivery of bikes recently, for the Bike-a-thon that is happening here in a week. Unfortunately each one of them was broken when we received them. We don’t have time to order more, so I thought why not ask you. There are 200 bikes that need fixed by next week, can you handle it?”

Tippner made a big gulp. Perhaps he had bragged a little too much. 200 bikes!! It made him dizzy just thinking about it. How badly were they broken? But does anyone ever say “No” to Santa?

Trying his best to put on a confident face, he replied, “I am your man Santa, I will get those bikes in tip top shape!”

“Thank you so much! Snowball will help assist you, for he really likes to work with bikes too. Though I will warn you that he happens to be a little clumsy, but don’t worry, I am sure it will go fine.” Candy Cane coughed real loudly, with a smirk on her face. Watching Snowball try to fix bicycles should be entertaining.

After hearing about Tippner needing to fix 200 bikes, Mason was beginning to feel a little nervous about his assignment. Santa turned to him and spoke, “I must compliment you on your hair, I have heard that it is called “luxurious?”

Mason felt a little embarrassed, but he couldn’t deny it. “I work hard to keep it as shiny and luxurious as I can. Have to please the women, you know.” Santa chuckled.

“Well, I have a most special assignment for you. I am sure you have heard of Hallmark movies, right?”

Mason grimaced, they were his least favorite movies to watch. he would rather do almost anything else. “Umm… yes, I am familiar with them.”

“Mrs Claus is thrilled for they are filming a Hallmark movie right here in the North Pole, but we have a big problem. One of the actors had an emergency come up and had to go home. We need someone to fill his place and with your perfect hair, I told the crew that I had the perfect guy in mind. What do you think? It would require memorizing some sappy lines, but think about all the notice that your hair would get. All that hard work to keep it so shiny, will have paid off. Will you do it?”

Mason was speechless, him? Appearing in a Hallmark movie? After all the things that he has said about Hallmark movies to Amanda and Cara and now … he was going to be in one. He would never live it down! But, did anyone ever say “No” to Santa?

“I would be honored to help out.”

Santa clapped his hands together, “Thank you Mason! You are most helpful!”

Candy Cane tried to stifle her laughter. She could just imagine Alabaster having to be in a Hallmark movie, he would much rather appear in movies with robots or aliens. But that wouldn’t happen in a Hallmark movie. Poor Mason, if he felt the same as Alabaster. She sensed that he was a little uncomfortable with it, but of course he wouldn’t say “No” to Santa, Did anyone ever do that?

Santa stood up, “I am sure you both are ready for a good night’s sleep. You are going to be working hard, so get all the sleep you can.”

Tippner and Mason walked outside, back into the cold, but their minds weren’t on the cold. What had they got themselves into?

As they walked to the Elves Village, where they would be staying, they were quiet. Then they saw what looked like a walking candy cane. Oh, it was Candy Cane’s cat. They both stared at it as it stopped and stared back at them. “I really have never seen a cat like that before. It almost looks magical?”

“You mean magical like Betsy?” Mason asked

They both were quiet and then together said, “No, can’t be. Its only a cat, now lets go to our rooms and get some much needed sleep.”

Turning around they walked away, as Peppermint the cat continued to watch them.

“To be continued…”

46 thoughts on “Saying No to Santa?

  1. Tippner can handle this. He’ll enlist all the elves to help him, and he’ll just bark out orders. Delegation is the key to effective time management. Tippner learned this in a self-improvement book he once read. Not that he needs any self-improvement, as he is a super bicycle repairman.

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  2. “By the way,” Mason asked Mrs. Claus “why didn’t you invite Cara here to help out?”

    “Oh dear.” started Mrs. Claus “Well, Cara is a very nice and well-intentioned lady, but the last time she was here there was an ‘incident’.”

    “Oh, you must tell us about this incident.” said Tipner with a grin on his face.

    “Well, we invited her in for refreshments…” started Mrs. Claus “and I am afraid she got a little too excited by all of the desserts. She drank several cups of cocoa with whipped cream and an entire peppermint bark pie and then went to help the elves in the toy workshop. Let’s just say it took the elves 3 full days to recover from her help. Cara is a nice lady but it is better that she stay in Bittersweet Creek where Bard can look after her.”

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  3. The ‘Hallmark’ movie is a ruse-it’ll more likely to be a infomercial about hair products that will damage those luxurious curls and split his ends. And Tippner may end up running into a deep snow drift after the 123rd patched up bicycle due to the tedium of hard work.

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