A Secret Mission

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The last customer walked out of the diner and Cara turned the sign to “Closed” and locked the door.

“I think you missed a spot.”

Tippner mumbled something under his breath and mopped the spot that Cara pointed to.

“And don’t forget to get behind the table.”

With a loud groan Tippner finally finished up. He was bent over like his back was hurting when he handed the mop and bucket to Cara.

“Maybe next time you will think twice before walking on my freshly mopped floor with dirty shoes.”

Mason came out from the back smiling, and handed some money to Tippner.

“Well done Tippner! Here is $20 for you.”

“$20! You are paying him for mopping the floor??” Cara asked, shocked.

“Of course, I just took it out of your paycheck, since he did your job.”

“Thank you kindly, sir!” Tippner straightened up, his back, suddenly not hurting anymore.

Cara didn’t say a word, but her eyes did! She would remember this.

“I am so glad you clowns are leaving tomorrow. Will have some peace. Who knows, perhaps I will totally change the menu around while you are gone.” She gave a coy smile.

“Have fun on your North Pole excursion. You guys are crazy, you know. “

Mason and Tippner simply nodded their heads. They couldn’t tell her the real reason they were going to the North Pole or she really would think they were crazy.

It had been a long trip and they were exhausted, not to mention shivering.

“How long is it going to take them to pick us up? I think my hands are going numb.” Mason complained. He had lost his thick pair of gloves on the flight and had his hands buried in his coat pockets.

Anxiously they looked around them to see if a sleigh was coming their way, but all they saw was snow.

Tippner started doing jumping jacks and Mason joined in. It helped to get the blood flowing.

“I see it! They are here.”

Within a few minutes two elves pulled up in front of them. Something looked strikingly familiar about them.

“Hi and Welcome to the North Pole! Sorry we are late, Snowball had kitchen duty and had to finish mopping the floor. I am Alabaster and this is Snowball. We are so glad you are here. Climb in and.we will take you to meet Santa.”

Tippner and Mason climbed in and felt excitement run through them. They were going to meet Santa!

Alabaster looked back at Mason as Snowball drove. “You must tell me how you manage to get your hair looking like that. Its all poofy in the front, like a bouffant.”

Tippner gave Mason a friendly punch in the arm. “See, I told you that you would look good in a bouffant.”

Mason smiled. “Yes, you did, Amanda really liked it too. Guess you were right.”

He smiled, feeling pretty proud of his hair. Right then they ran over a hill too fast and Mason flew out of the sleigh, landing in the snow.

Snowball was apologetic and Tippner couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Your hair kind of lost its poof now.”

Soon they arrived and waited for Santa’s assistant to show up and take them to meet Santa Claus

“Oh wow! Look at that cat.”

“Hi! Welcome! Santa is anxious to meet you and get you started working. I am Candy Cane and this is my cat,Peppermint.”

“Such an unusual cat but beautiful. I am Tippner and this is my friend Mason.

“Ahh! Tippner the Super Star Bicycle Repairman. We really appreciate you both coming and hope you can help us.”

Tbey stopped in front of a cottage that must belong to Santa. The red and white cottage was was so cheerful looking on the outside.

The time was here. They were going to meet the one and only Santa Claus. CandyCane rang the doorbell and Peppermint ran between their legs as the door opened. Running into the warmth.

(To be continued…)

21 thoughts on “A Secret Mission

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  2. Hmmmm … my best guess is that the upkeep of reindeer to pull the sleigh has become too high to be feasible, so Santa has invited Tippner to build durable, flying bicycles for Santa and a couple of helpers do deliver the toys on Christmas Eve! Mason’s just tagging along because he needed a breather from his new and nagging wife!

    Love, love, love the cat picture!!!! I want a cat like that! I wonder if Pandi would let my dye her fur?

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  3. I missed this story somehow. Must have been when I took a nap to ease my aching back. I’m glad to see that Tippner, the Super Bicycle Repairman, is in great demand by Santa and his elves. It’s about time his super powers are recognized.

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