Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully its been a Happy one. If not I am sorry. Feel free to make a face and grumble.Β  I hope that when you read the following quotes, they brighten your day. Along with the quotes, here is a question for you to ponder. “How do dragons blow out candles?”











46 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I like the two Confucius quotes. It’s refreshing to know they had electricity in China back in 500 BC. And his second quote reminds me of when I became a letter carrier. Management kept harassing me, when all I wanted was to be left alone and do my job. But in fear for my job I became a union steward. I kicked management’s ass and ended up on top. The view from up there was great.

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  2. The Confucius quote about the lights can be confusing since electricity didn’t exist then. The full quote is “Hope breeds peace. Only joy dispels a hundred cares.Β Anyone can find the switch after the lights are on.”

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