A Priceless Gift

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Belinda had almost finished looking around. There were some things she was considering bidding on, but unfortunately nothing had really grabbed her. She had hoped to find a masterpiece.

Her passion was art and she had collected some amazing pieces over the years. Belinda let out an almost inaudible gasp. That was it! This was her diamond in the dust. Her heart was soaring like a hot air balloon. She needed that peacock!

The auction was soon ready to begin and Belinda was ready. Nothing would  stop her from getting the masterpiece.

The auction started and Belinda sat in her chair watching. She wasn’t bidding on anything besides the Peacock, saving her money for that.

At last the time came and Belinda felt a rush of adrenalin. Almost holding up her number before the auctioneer had a chance to say the starting bid.

Tbe price was climbing, a lot of people were bidding and Belinda was trying to calm her nerves. She held her number high in the air as others started to fall. The ones bidding grew less and less, Belinda was hopeful.

You could have heard a feather fall, the room was so quiet. Tension and excitement were heavy in the room. This was the highest thing so far that had been bid on. Apparently someone wanted the amazing peacock as much as Belinda did!

People continued to drop out, Belinda was feeling smug. The peacock masterpiece would be her’s. Then she spied him. The one person still bidding against her.

If Belinda would have spotted him across a crowded restaurant, sitting alone, maybe things would have been different. But…

This wasn’t some sappy romance novel. Yes, he was dark and handsome but, she only saw him as a competitor. Well she may have noticed bis deep brown eyes as well.

UGH! He kept raising his number high She tried to shoot daggers from her eyes , but he ony smiled back.

The crowd was enraptured watching the showdown beteeem them. It was like watching a tennis match as their heads moved back and forth between Belinda and the dark, handsome, man. Her face was flushed.

She was screaming on the inside at Mr Pompous! He was calmly nodding his head when asked if he would go higher. Meanwhile she was dying by trying to keep up with him. She would probably have to take out a second mortgage on the house! Was she crazy?

“$550,000 , going once, going twice”, the crowd waited with bated breath, would she give up?


Her heart sank, but she knew she had done the right thing. Things would have been a financial mess for her if she would have continued. She would go home and sulk but be better by morning and still have money in the bank.

Jordan was brimming with joy. He had done it! The peacock masterpiece would finally be restored to its rightful owner.

He couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the poor woman who had been bidding against him. She obviously really wanted the peacock artwork but he couldn’t let it slip through his hands, not after this long.

“Happy Birthday Grandma!” Jordan handed her the large carefully wrapped gift.

“Oh Jordan! Where? How? OH!” His grandma’s hands trembled as she tore off the last of the gift wrap. There were no words. Jordan’s mom hugged him so tight with tears in her eyes. His grandma’s shoulders shook, but the light in her eyes shined like a thousand fireflies lighting up the sky.

He embraced his grandma and she clung to him. “Thank you, Thank you so much for bringing this back to me! I never thought I would see it again.”

His grandma was the most courageous woman he had ever met. She and his grandpa had been taken from their home by the Nazi’s. Their home was ransacked, all their personal treasures stolen and they were taken to Concentration Camps. His grandma survived. Sadly his grandpa hadn’t. He had never met his grandpa but he knew he had been a gifted artist.

Jordan looked at the peacock. Yes, a gifted artist indeed!

20 thoughts on “A Priceless Gift

  1. I’m choosing to believe that if Belinda had known why this stranger continued to outbid her until he won the auction, she would have felt nothing but joy about her loss. And then, somehow, Mr. Pompous and she would run into each other again and he would offer to buy her coffee and tell her his story. Her heart would have been full – not only was he tall and dark (and I assume handsome) but he was kind and caring to those he loved. And thus, a romance bloomed and they got married and grandma willed the artwork to her grandson and so she got to have it in her home anyhow.

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  2. I feel sorry for Belinda’s husband. She’s what is known as a “high maintenance woman.” (Not sure if you’ve ever heard that expression before). But I’m glad she didn’t win the auction.

    I think I recently read in the news about some descendants of holocaust victims who want a piece of art back from a museum, that once belonged to their family. That would make for an interesting court case.

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  3. Oddly, I just finished a thriller that involved recovering art stolen by the Nazis. I totally love this story, but it would be interesting to have Belinda and Jordan run in to each other, maybe through her job, and of course she recognizes him, which leads to him eventually telling her about his grandma and why he was determined to outbid her.

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