Trouble in the Kingdom

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Moving to tbe Kingdom of Golden Blossoms was the best decision that Rayanna had ever made. It was beautiful here and life was as carefree as a little child running through a sprinkler.

Today she was sunbathing amidst the golden blossoms until it was tea time with the Queen of Diamonds.

The Queen of Diamonds shined with a brilliance like no other on the outside, sparkling with diamonds. Her heart shined bright too. She was the one who made the Kingdom of Golden Blossoms so perfect.

After a little while Rayanna got up and walked back to her cottage to get ready for tea with the Queen.

Jack was standing at the castle door when Rayanna arrived. She was happy to see him and by the look on his face the feeling was mutual. Would he soon ask her out on a date? Oh how she hoped.

“Good afternoon Lady Rayanna,” She loved when he called her Lady. Made her feel special.

“You are looking lovely today.”

“Thank you Jack.” She gave a shy smile. Was working up the courage to say something more to him when chaos broke out. Ace, who often thought too highly of himself was trying to club some troublemakers.

The thing is they weren’t real troublemakers.

Jack looked at  Rayanna as he opened the door to let her in. “Excuse me please, my lady, I have to go.”

Rayanna nodded and watched him go, hearing him shout before the door shut. “Ace leave them alone, you know they are only jokers!”

Rayanna shook her head. Poor Jack, heΒ  often had his hands full with Ace of Hearts. He was the troublesome nephew of the Queen. His mom had been the Queen of Hearts, the Queen’s sister.

Eversince he had come to the Kingdom he was turning it upside down.

When Rayanna entered the Queen’s tea room, she was shocked to see the Queen looking weary and frazzled.

“What is wrong?” Rayanna touched her shoulder gently.

“My nephew is out of control. He goes around yelling, “Off with your head.” and cutting off all our blooming golden blossoms. He is so much like his mom. I had hoped that he would learn from his mom’s mistakes but…”

She buried her face in her hands. Everyone knew the story of the Queen’s sister, the Queen of Hearts.  She terrorized a young girl named Alice and was an angry, mean Queen. So unlike her sister.

Her mean streak eventually got the best of her and her knights turned against her. She had said, “Off with your head”, one too many times, and they saw to it that she was the one who lost her head.

Her nephew was sent to live with his Aunt, the  Queen of Diamonds and it wasn’t going well. The Queen also got her sister’s Cheshire cat, who seemed eerie at times with its glowing eyes.

Lifting her head she wiped her eyes, “He runs through the palace creating havoc. My servants are threatening to quit. Soon the only servants I will have left are my sister’s two servants, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.”

The mention of those two brought a smile, they were so likeable and their names alone made one smile.

Rayanna got up to fix the tea and pour a cup for the Queen. She needed something to calm her.

In silence they sat sipping their tea and thinking how to solve the problem of Ace.

“I got it!” Rayanna shouted. “I know exactly what we can do. I have heard about a certain white rabbit that is helpful in situations with those who think too highly of themselves.”

The Queen’s face brightened, “Do you think he really can help?”

“I do. I heard of a success story recently with some guy named Neil. Let me explain exactly what the white rabbit does. He takes those who need help to a castle where they work as a servant for a strict Queen. They learn how to behave pretty quickly. She is strict but no fear, she isn’t a terror. No danger of him losing his head.”

The Queen of Diamonds was quiet thinking about what Rayanna told her. She did love her nephew, could she really do this to him? But she didn’t want him to become like his mom.

CRASH!! They both looked at each other and ran into the hallway, what had happened?

Ace was runnimg down the hallway with a sword, yelling, “Off with your head’, knocking the heads off of statues.. One of the knight’s was running after him yelling for him to give back the sword.

Turning to Rayanna with firm resolve in her eyes sbe said, “Yes, contact the white rabbit and make arrangements as soon as possible.”

Three days later late at night the white rabbit showed up.

Jack let him and Rayanna in, but he looked strangely at the rabbit. Rayanna would have to explain later. They walked back to the Queen’s tea room and the white rabbit made himself comfortable on the table.

“Queen of Diamonds meet James the 21st.”

James bowed down, “At your service ma’am.”

They didn’t take long, the Queen wanted to get it over with. Ace of Hearts was carried out of bed by TweedleDee and TweedleDum. He had been given a strong sleeping pill, for the journey to the castle.

The Queen gave him a light kiss on the cheek, she hoped she was doing the right thing. He looked so young and angelic when sleeping.

“He will be okay, right?”

James nodded his head. “The Queen will keep him safe, as long as he doesn’t try to wander away from the castle.”

Alarm sparked in the Queen’s eyes, “What will happen if he does?”

Rsyanna shot James a warning look, hoping he would get the message. She hadn’t told the Queen about the dragons

“Look at the time,” James looked at his watch. “I must go, I am going to be late for an important date.” Soon they disappeared from the Queen’s sight.

“An important date?? This late?” The Queen gave Rayanna a puzzled look.

Rayanna shrugged, “I guess rabbits have to keep late hours. Think of how long it must take to get all of their children to sleep.”

“Oh, yes … I guess.” She still had a rather confused look in her eyes but she was sleepy, and said, “Goodnight Rayanna and thank you! I hope your plan works.”

Rayanna breathed a sigh of relief, it was over. The troublemaker was taken care of. Things could go back to being pleasant and peaceful in the Kingdom of the Golden Blossoms.

37 thoughts on “Trouble in the Kingdom

  1. I think that Ace had better hide under someone’s sleeve. Soon he will be whipped and hung by his feet in the dungeon. But if he can join forces with three other Aces, he can beat a full house of other castle occupants.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m betting that my mother would have loved having this kind of white rabbit in her life while raising three children! I mean, I was not a perfect child, but compared to my two brothers, I at least HAD a halo, even if it was a bit tarnished!

    I love how you’ve taken a classic story and twisted it into a brand new and fun fairy tale!

    And I have to admit that gathering 3 other Aces would with him, the Ace of Hearts would be indestructible! (Good one, Tippy!)

    Liked by 2 people

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