The Long Walk … Hearing the Eggs … The Flying Bus … And Other Facts!


Aww! Who doesn’t love a teddy bear?


Never saw the Rocky movies, but I do like turtles.


Love her smile! ❤


Wow! Quite a long walk! I did a 3 day hiking trip in the woods when I was 18 and that was long enough for me. There is a book out about her journey.


I can’t imagine how fast his heart was going after that. I think it would have been my last day driving bus!


Always good to give back when one can.

32 thoughts on “The Long Walk … Hearing the Eggs … The Flying Bus … And Other Facts!

  1. I know that Grandma Gatewood’s tale should inspire me to go out of a hike . . . but instead I’m sitting here scratching my head and thinking of all the things she didn’t bring with her:

    A change of clothes
    A teddy bear
    A first aid kit
    A pillow

    She’s nuts!
    So is that bus driver!

    Can’t believe he got a BONUS for jumping that ship!

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    • YES! I wondered if anyone would ask about Food! I think I need to read the book to find out!

      Well I think the bus driver figured if he didn’t try to jump the ship that they would crash and die for the bridge was going up!

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      • If he was on the bridge when the tender started to raise it, that makes sense.

        We have a draw bridge here and I pictured him racing through the barricade as it was descending (from a place of safety into harm’s way) and then jumping the gap . . . b/c he was too impatient to wait. 😀

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  2. You haven’t seen Rocky?? I thought everyone saw at least one of the 15 films {slight exaggeration but not by much} in the franchise. 🤣 After the first 3, you didn’t miss much but I’m surprised Stallone still has “Cuff” & “Link” (the names he gave them in the movie. That’s actually kind of cool.

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