Falling at Her Feet

This is the continuation to Formulating the Plan!

Neil was feeling better. He napped some, followed by going to his local steakhouse. Now he was home again and thinking about calling Sandra, the first girl in his little red book.

He had decided that.James the 21st had been a figment of his sleepy imagination. A talking rahbit, like there really was such a thing. “Totally ridiculous!” He said outloud.

“What is ridiculous?”

Startled, Neil dropped his phone  and looked behind him.

“HI! Are you all rested up now?” James  the 21st looked up at him.

Sitting down on the closest chair Neil put his head in his hands. He was really going crazy! Well … he may as well make the most of it and find out what all James could do for him. May not be too bad having a lucky rabbit.

“Since you don’t seem to be going away , what exactly is your plan?”

“To match you up with a young woman. You need help in that area.”

Neil held up his little, red book with a smug grin. “I have all the help I need, right here!”

James rolled his eyes. “Oh yes, the book that helped you so much before. Lets see first there was Sandra. She cancelled three dates because her three sweet grandmother’s died, three weeks in a row. Then there was Dolly, who had a pet squirrel who died the exact night that you all were supposed to go away for a weekend together. Oh, and Tiffany,  whose 4th cousin died. Are you seeing a pattern here at all?”

James snatched the little red book out of Neil’s hand. “You have no need of this.”

Neil glared at James, the know-it-all rabbit. He was beginning to think that rabbit stew would taste good.

“I have the name of a lady who would be enamored with you the moment she sees you. One whose feet you will fall at.”

Neil was quiet, thinking over what James the 21st said. James impatiently tapped his foot, waiting for a response. 

“Is she rich?”

James gave him a cold stare. “You really are an idiot, aren’t you.”

Neil bristled, “I resent that!”

Ignoring him, James continued. “Be ready at 3pm sharp tomorrow and I will take you to her.” With those words, James vanished, once again.

Stupid rabbit, thought Neil, he didn’t answer his question about being rich. Could Neil help that he longed to walk on the sparkling floors of  a castle which he was the head of.

At 3pm sharp the next day James appeared once again out of the thin air. Neil had to admit that this time he was rather excited to see James. After all he was going to take him to meet the lady whose feet he would fall at.

Neil would rather she fall at his feet, but he was sure she would in time. How could someone resist someone as handsome and charming as him! He still couldn’t see what Jennifer saw in Kevin. But it was her loss, she could have him, he was going to a castle.

“A real castle? I will live at a real castle?” Neil was thrilled, as he talked to James.

“Yes, you will walk on its sparkling floors and make the castle shine …”

“With my presence!” Neil interrupted, holding his head up high with his hand on his heart.

“”That is one way to look at it,” James muttered.

They started walking up the hill behind Neil’s house and Neil kept talking.

“Only the finest foods will be served, right?”

“Yes, you will see to that.”

“Of course! For I will be the head of the castle, will I not, oh James I think you should stick around. I like you. You could live in the back yard. I would make sure you have plenty of carrots and fresh water daily.

“As tempting as you make it sound I think I will have to pass.”

They continued walking and Neil was curious. “I have walked up this hill numerous times and have never seen a castle before.”

“But you have never walked with me before. Look…”

“WOW! Fantastic!” Neil could not believe his eyes as he stared at a grandeur castle. A castle beyond his imagination.

“You are the greatest James! I can’t wait to meet my love.”

“Well … about that. There is one small detail I may have left  out.”

Neil patted James shoulder. “Its okay, maybe she isn’t gorgeous … I have this amazing castle, I can allow her some imperfections.’

James closed his eyes for a brief moment trying not to puke. He couldn’t get away from James fast enough. The guy was so full of himself.  

Neil rang the bell. A haggard lady answered the castle  door. Spying James, she smiled. “So glad to see you! Its been crazy here without Maxwell. Come in, Lady Felicity will be here soon.”

Neil was spellbound looking around. It was so spacious and mirrored walls. He could see himself all the time.

His eyes bulged, the most absolute gorgeous woman was coming his way. When she got closer he did fall at her feet, like James said he would.

“Arise, I am Lady Felicity, I do appreciate your show of  respect.” She gave James a wink and he muffled his laughter. Neil couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“I trust that James filled you in about your responsibilities, making the floors sparkle and the mirrors shine.”

Confusion lit up Neil’s face. “Mirrors,  floors?”

“Well yes, you are taking Maxwell’s place, aren’t you? He was a faithful servant. You will also be responsible for serving meals. Follow me and I will show you the kitchen.”

Turning towards him, she smiled her dazzling smile. “Thanks again for coming, I am so happy to have you here. Enamored with the fact that we have found a replacement for Maxwell.”

“Enamored” … thought Neil, James had said the woman would be enamored with him. Oooh where was James! He looked around as Lady Felicity kept talking about his duties. James was nowhere to be seen!

If James thought he was going to stay here to be a servant, he could think again!

“There is one extremely important thing I must tell you.” Lady Felicity said and Neil paid close attention.

“You were able to walk up to the castle door because you were with James and the dragons know him. You didn’t see them, but they see everyone who walks outside the castle.

James comes often bringing us servants. We pay him rather well! The dragons don’t know you, if you have plans on leaving, I wouldn’t advise it. The dragons are wary of strangers.”

In a flash Lady Felicity’s face grew serious and almost scary. Her intense gaze unnerved him. Within minutes she was smiling again as they continued walking,  but Neil wasn’t. He was thinking of rabbit stew.

46 thoughts on “Falling at Her Feet

  1. I had a feeling … and I was right! Neil got exactly what he deserved, and James is a hero, in my book! Great story, my friend, and as I said in my last comment, you’ve made me smile tonight with this one! I love rabbits, and a rabbit with glasses and a humanitarian mission? Well, what could be better!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. It took a few severe whippings, along with some time hanging by his feet in the dungeon, but after awhile Neil evolved into a competent and conscientious servant. The mirrors and floors of the castle sparkled, and the food he served rivalled that of any gourmet chef. He was richly rewarded for his efforts, with words of praise and pats on the head. And when he excelled, he got to wear a gold star for a whole week. In his spare time, he took up the hobby of hiking. One day he hiked a little too far away from the walls of the castle, and, well, that’s about it. I won’t be dragon this story out any longer.

    Liked by 2 people

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