Formulating the Plan!

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A month had passed and the sting of embarrassment and rejection were fading. He still had become pretty much of a recluse, didn’t want to have to see the condescending pitiful stares from people. Or see them whispering about him.

How could she have done what she did? What had she been thinking, he had loved her! Well, he thought he had loved her. To be honest he was beginning to realize that he had been more in love with the idea of being married. Plus knowing that she had a hefty inheritance played a big part in his desire for her.

The thought of losing all that money still twisted his stomach into knots, but she was gone. What was done was done. He would need to get busy finding another wealthy heiress.

That night Neil went to bed going through the list of girls that he had in his little black book. Well it was actually a red book, but served the same purpose.

Neil woke up with a start when he saw the time on the alarm clock. Why hadn’t his alarm gone off? He was going to be late for work. The one place he makes himself go to. Stumbling out of bed he grabbed his jeans from off the floor , threw his shirt on and ran down the steps.

He was making some coffee when he glanced at his phone and saw the date. It was Saturday, what was he doing? Ugh! He should go back to bed.

“Good Morning Neil!’

Neil turned around looking at his breakfast table. There was a rabbit with glasses sitting on his table! Did that rabbit speak to him?

“I see that I have surprised you and perhaps rendered you speechless, as you stand there with your mouth agape. While you gather your wits I will introduce myself.”

“I am James the 21st. I have lots of siblings. You are probably wondering why I am here, I will explain. Feel free to take a seat and close your mouth anytime. Maybe drinking coffee would help you relax.”

Neil sat down with his coffee but still staring wide eyed at James the 21st.

“I am your lucky rabbit. It’s been brought to my attention that you badly need one. I must say that anyone who suffered the terrible embarrassment that you have, must…mmm….” James stopped talking for Neil’s cheeks were reddening.

“Well anyway, you know. So, here I am, to try and turn your luck around.” James smiled at Neil and he did look charming with his studious glasses.

Finally Neil found his voice. “You are wearing glasses?”

James the 21st shook his head. “You seem surprised. Let me guess, you believe that carrots are good for eyes? Veggies are good for you, but carrots don’t guarantee great vision. Trust me, I have digested numerous carrots in my time.”

Neil kept shaking his head in disbelief, a lucky rabbit? “I have heard of a lucky rabbit’s foot, but not a lucky rabbit.”

James made a face. “How can a rabbit’s foot be lucky? Humans are so strange. Let me assure you that ALL of me is lucky, not only my foot. It is your lucky day for I am at your service. I am going to try to straighten out the mess you made!”

Neil looked disgruntled, “Me! I was the one who was left at the altar! Do you know how much money I spent on her ring?? Not to mention the amazing honeymoon resort I had booked. She left me, even with all of that! Why?”

James the 21st gave Neil the condescending look that he hated. “Why? You ask. Because you are an idiot!”

Neil’s face flushed, now he was getting mad. A talking rabbit called him an idiot. What luck was he bringing him?

“What do you know, you are only a rabbit. Why am I even sitting here conversing with you?”

“I am James the 21st , your lucky rabbit who you will treat with respect. If not, I will call my friend and have her show you what happens to disrespectful people or animals. She has a low tolerance for idiots, let that be your warning.”

Neil shook his head, feeling like he had stepped into an episode of The Twilight Zone or some strange show. Was this really happening? Spontaneously he reached and touched James fur. It was soft. James was a real rabbit, sitting on the breakfast table, like it was a perfectly normal thing to do.

“We have lots of work to do but I can tell you are feeling rather overwhelmed, so I will give you a few hours to relax. When I come back, we will discuss the plan!”

And as sudden as James the 21st had appeared he was gone. Neil kept shaking his head, he most certainly had to go back to bed. More sleep and all would be well.

(To be continued…)

60 thoughts on “Formulating the Plan!

  1. For once, I do not even have a sarcastic comment to make! Why? Because I was in quite a funk when I came here tonight, having just written a toned-down rant (you know my rants!), and I dinna have a smile anywhere in me. But, about 1/3 of the way through this post, when James the 21st showed up, I felt my face doing something funny. Could it be … nah, surely not … but YES, there was a smile, and just a few moments later, as I read on, a little chuckle bubbled out! And so, no sarcastic remarks from me tonight … just a sincere thanks for restoring my smile and my good humour! And now, I shall proceed to Part II!

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