Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! My husband and I have a chance at fame. They are filming a Christmas movie in Gettysburg, which is close by us and they are looking for  people willing to be cast as extras. You know, the people who are walking the streets or in restaurant, etc.We read how one of the spots they are filming at is a historical restaurant that we have been to before. It is a really good restaurant and it was a part of the underground railroad. You can explore the part of the building where they hid the slaves, after or before your meal. Anyway IF, which is a big if, we get to participate as “extras”, I will be sure to let you know and don’t worry, I won’t let the fame go to my head. I hope your week is going well and that you enjoy the following quotes.  That they bring a smile and a bounce to your step. 











71 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I absolutely love the seagull with the french fry, and the Bugs Bunny (crazy mind — that’s ME) ones. I can relate to the crazy chicken lady one, after just seeing the price of eggs as I was placing my weekly grocery order! But of course you know which is my favourite … that final one, a quote I use often enough. So true … MLK was a wise and compassionate man. I miss him still. So, Happy Wednesday, dear friend!

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    • I love seagulls so that broughr a smile as soon as I saw ir and crazy mind??.You know I am right there with you! 😄
      MLK was an amazing man and I would have loved to see what all he could have accomplished if his life wouldn’t have been so tragically cut short.
      Happy Wednesday to you, Jill! May it be great! ❤

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  2. Tip #1 for the Audition ~> ACT as if YOU are doing THEM a FAVOR by deigning to be in their movie.

    Tip #2 ~> IF Tip #1 doesn’t work, bounce up and down on your toes, waving your arms, singing, “Pick Me! Pick Me!”

    Tip #3 ~> WHEN you get the part, ACT as happy as a Seagull eating a French Fry and march around saying “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

    Good Luck!

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  3. Honestly, I have good, solid thoughts to share about your post, but by the time I read through all of the other comments (especially those by those whose names will remain anonymous at this point in time), I get caught up in the silliness and forget what I was thinking. I have always had an interest in the underground railroad, and thought it would be fabulous is some travel company would plot out trip from west to east with stops at EVERY place where one can see the sights where those people had to travel. Might be a 2 or 3 day trip, considering a straight drive back across the state to return, but I’d love to take it!

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    • That would be a fun trip to make, I agree! If you ever come to Gettysburg I will take you to Dobbins house. 🙂

      I can see how you get distracted with the comments. LOL! Scroll down to the bottom first to post your comment, then read all the comments. I have to do that on the blogs of the certain people whose names you didn’t mention. 😂

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      • My friend, I have been to Gettysburg countless times and then a good variety of the things there are to see and do all around there. But if I ever happen that way again, I will let you know ahead of time so we can meet up. And good advice on scrolling to add my comment before certain other commenters distract me!


  4. Joy, I just adore you! Your zest for life and love for others is so evident by what you choose to share! I have a confession: I’m so peanut butter and jealous. First, I’m a Civil War buff, and secondly, being an “extra” is so super cool! I know you won’t let game go to your head and you’ll remember us “peons” that admire you. 🙄🤔😬😆 sending love and hugs!! 💕🥰💚

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  5. Wow, how exciting for you and Brad! We’ll deep our paws crossed you guys get to be in the film. My brother in law was in an episode of Breaking Bad when they lived in Albuquerque-he said it was a great experience.

    Have to say # 5 & 6 made be laugh out loud. Thanks for those chuckles. It’s snowing (again) to beat the band and there’s such excellent opportunities to get lots of exercise in today without having to get on the eliptical . 🤣

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  6. Good luck with getting to be extras! I was laughing out loud at the seagull with a french fry. I’m sure fries must be even worse for birds than for humans, and I wouldn’t feed them any, but it was funny.


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