Matilda, The Mother-in-law

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Sitting down she took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. Paisley did it a few more times, trying to calm herself. It would be okay. She had to get a grip on her overactive imagination.

Oh the scenes that were playing out in her mind. If Mark knew the things she was imagining  he would be reserving her a rubber room.

He had assured Paisley that his mom liked her when they met a few months ago. Now she was in the area and wanted to visit.

Paisley had mentioned to her about going out to dinner with them when Mark got off work. She had replied that no, she only wanted to see Paisley.

Thankfully it was over a phone call so she hadn’t seen Paisley’s face go white when she told her that. Why? Why did she only want to see her???

The doorbell rang. Mark’s mom was here, whether Paisley was ready or not. Forcing a smile she opened the door.

“Hi Mrs Thimphu. Come in, let me take your coat and you can warm yourself by the fire.”

“You can call me Matilda please. Addressing me as Mrs Thimphu makes me feel old.” Matilda handed her coat to Paisley.

Well, wasn’t this dandy. In the first five minutes Paisley had already managed to offend Matilda. Inwardly she groaned.

“I hope you enjoy tea. I made some cinnamon tea, along with the gingerbread men.”

“Thank you.” Matilda took a sip and though she didn’t say anything, Paisley sensed that something was wrong.

Christmas music played from the stereo, making up for the absence of conversation. Matilda sat quietly sipping her tea and looking around the small house.

“I see you have the tree up already. Was it up before Thanksgiving?” Paisley chose not to answer that and asked her a question instead.

“What was some of your favorite traditions when Mark was young?”

Matilda eyed the artificial Christmas tree with disdain. “We would travel to the Christmas Tree Farm and choose our favorite tree. Nothing like the fresh smell of evergreen in your home.”

Paisley’s stomach was in knots. Would anything please her mother-in-law?”

More silence passed. “This tea is good.”

Paisley smiled, finally she had done something right.

They chatted some about little things and Paisley felt herself calming down. Matilda wasn’t so bad, a little intimidating perhaps but Paisley was determined to be friends with her.

“Have anything baking in the oven yet?” Matilda asked.

Baking? It was only 9am, why would she have something baking ….. Oooh! Paisley’s face was growing warm.

“Umm…No, there will be nothing “baking” for awhile yet.”

Matilda seemed nonchalant about Paisley’s reply.

“Okay, if you say so, but I am not getting any younger, you know.”replied Matilda.

Paisley shook her head. No, she would not let her mother-in-law decide when they were having children. That was up to her and Mark.

Changing the subject to something more relaxing Paisley asked if she would like some homemade zucchini bread.

“Sounds good, I do love zucchini bread, thank you.”

Yay! Chalk one up for Paisley.

Cutting a slice she served Matilda a piece.

She was smiling when taking a big bite. How refreshing it was to see her smile, thought Paisley.

“Walnuts! You put walnuts in this bread? I am allergic to nuts!”

Matilda jumped up from her chair. “I have to go.”

She grabbed her coat rushing out the door leaving behind a shocked and worried Paisley. Had Mark ever mentioned his mom being allergic to nuts? She couldn’t remember. Matilda had to be OK!

Paisley cleaned off the table with her mind spinning. Would Matilda ever forget? Would she take revenge for Paisley’s innocent mistake? Should she call Mark?

Paisley picked up the phone and called Mark. Her insides were shaking as she confessed to him in a trembling voice.

Paisley broke down. “I didn’t know she was allergic. I am so sorry!” There was momentary silence on the other end.

“Its fine Sweetheart, calm down, she isn’t allergic. She pulled this stunt before on my ex-wife. I should have warned you, but I thought she was done with those games.”

Paisley couldn’t believe it!! How dare she? Oooh she was messing with the wrong girl. You better watch out Matilda. If she wanted to see Paisley’s bad side, she would see it. Paisley would call out her flying monkeys, the game was on.

*Just to clarify this was not inspired by my dear MIL, we have a wonderful relationship. :)*

47 thoughts on “Matilda, The Mother-in-law

  1. Ignore the naysayers! A friend of mine just had her second daughter 3 months ago and named her Paisley. Her first daughter was named Penelope. The names actually fit each of them.

    I guess it’s become politically correct now to tell people, before you serve them something, that it has nuts, isn’t gluten free, was made with real sugar, was made with real milk? How did man survive for so many centuries not knowing these allergies even existed??!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh! I like those names together. I only know of 1 other Paisley. I enjoy the unique names, as long as they aren’t too unique. πŸ˜‰
      Yes, does make you wonder why we have so many allergies now!


  2. Oh damnnnn, this MIL made me mad. She gives us MIL’s a bad name!! I’m a MIL to my son’s wife and to my daughter’s husband, and I tiptoe around them, making sure they feel comfortable with me. I would never, ever criticize or be mean. To me, our children choose who they choose, and if I (or any MIL) wants to keep a good relationship with their child (and his/her spouse) be kind and nonjudgmental!!! Can you tell you pushed a button? That shows you how good this story is. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    • You have me smiling! I am sure that you are a wonderful MILand you are sooo right! The relationship wirh your child is very important. Important enough to put aside little quirks that you may not like about them.
      Thanks for the compliment about the story! πŸ₯°

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  3. The things we do for entertainment. Men like to watch football games. Women like to play head games. I hope Mark has some headsets, so he can watch his football games in peace, while Paisly and Matilda go at it.

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  4. Haha! You are so much like me in the sense that I’d want my mother-in-law to know I wasn’t targeting her in a hatchet piece. 🀣 She has since passed, but I got very lucky in the MIL department.

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