Tuesday’s Thoughts!

One more day left in November! Christmas music added some joy to the cold, windy gray day. I hope your week is going well. Just stay away from the scales until the New Year and you will be fine. Enjoy the quotes and may wonderful things for you be right around the corner.











65 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. First, let me agree with the majority that #7 is amazingly good! I think that’s why I write as I do in some of my blog posts. I’m not proud of some of the choices and mistakes I’ve made along this journey called life, but if sharing them with others keeps one person from making the same choice and/or mistake, then I’m glad I could help someone else.

    As for #4, I have a tee shirt on which, on the front in a pretty font, it says “Professional Overthinker”. It’s not always a fun job and it doesn’t pay well, but I enjoy the challenge of seeing how far off the path of reality I can travel.

    #8 made me smile, and I copied it to share on my Facebook page for when we get our first snowfall.

    And #9 makes me want to go out and find a revolving door to test it out. Actually, it really is proof that some things are truly impossible!

    These were all enjoyable.

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    • Yes, being real, like Number 7 is what draws me to people. Ones that share their ❀ heart.

      Overthinking can be so easy to do!

      I smiled too at Number 8. Have to remember it when it snows!

      Yes, I laughed at Number 9 and I want to see you try. πŸ™‚
      Its true, some things are impossible!

      Have a great day! Stay warm!

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  2. Hee hee…some smiling worthy and asute thoughts. Thanks for sharing. After yesterday’s snow, it’s brutally chilly today but should be ‘warm’ in a couple of hours (compared to the 11ΒΊF on our first morning constitution). At least it will be nice and sunny. Stay warm.


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