The Last Dance

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The place was packed. Excitement buzzed in the air. Shondra was well known for her mesmerizing dancing. Her audience delighted in her performance every time.

It was only ten minutes until showtime. Shondra was doing some last minute touch ups to her make up. There waa a knock on her door.”Come In.”

“Flowers for you Miss.” The delivery guy bowed and left the bright, cheery bouquet on her table.

She saw there was a card with it but just then tbere was another knock on the door.

“Its time Miss Shondra.”

Smiling at her reflection in the mirror, she said, “Its Showtime! Let the fun begin.” And she headed out of her dressing room.

The music was loud the strobe lights were going. Shondra let herself go,  dancing all over the stage. She finished her first number snd was already sweating.

When she danced on stage she forgot about the audience. She felt as if she was in a world of her own, dancing her heart out. Like she was hack in her bedroom as a teenager dancing to the blaring music in her room. 

The music had tuned out the sound of her parent’s fighting, as she escaped into her fantasy world. Something good had come out of her pain as a teenager, she was living her dream now. Dancing like the wind.

The second half of the show was set to begin. Shondra had taken a quick break to get a drink. Her nerves always flared up for this part of the show,  but she would be fine. Taking a deep breath she applied some more cherry ref lipstick and prepared to dance with the audience.

She danced around the tables and the audience was all smiles. Especially the guys. They all desired a chance to dance with her and she was more than happy to oblige. She twirled around them with her billowing dress. They were captivated by her beauty and oblivious to all that was going on.

The last song played and Shondra gave it her all. One more man to dance with and then back on stage for her grand finale. The applause was deafening.

A half hour later the crowd had gone home. The place was silent.  Shondra was ecstatic. Tonight had been a grand success! There had been  some really rich  geezers in the audience. She never had raked in this much before.

Staring at the pile of wallets that she had collected while dancing so close, she noticed her beautiful flowers. Walking over to them she pulled out the card.

“I have my eyes on you! I know what you are doing.”

Shondra turned over the card, her hand shaking. No name to be found.

Who was watching her? Perhaps this should be her last night. She had enough money now to buy a beach house and retire by the ocean, thanks to her collection of wallets. She gave a smug smile. Let whoever sent her the flowers try to scare her. Tomorrow she would be in Bora-Bora living the dream.

26 thoughts on “The Last Dance

  1. I don’t carry money in my wallet, but I would still feel upset if it was stolen. My wallet has all my important cards, including my membership card to the Flat Earth Society, my Jiggles and Giggles Sex Store gift card, and my complimentary pass to next year’s Decennial Turtle Watchers convention. I’d hate for these cards to fall into Shondra’s hands.

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