When Wishes Come True

Thanks to Jason, once again, for this amazing close up photo of a heron. Check out more of his photos at http://jasonfrels.com/2022/11/15/fiery-sky-over-inks-lake/

The kids were splashing in the lake but not for long. Summer was gone and the temps were dropping.

“Who is hungry? I have hotdogs, chips and cookies.”

Grandma Sarah was calling to them. Benji. Joelle and Marcia. Precious pieces of her heart, her dear grandchildren. It didn’t take long for them to come running from the lake. The screen door banged as they ran inside the cabin.

Benji reached for a cookie and Grandma went to smack his hand, but he pulled it away fast enough. “Wash your hands, you rascal.”

Soon all hands were washed and there was lively chatter as they ate.

“Tell us a story, Grandma, please.”

Sarah looked at their bright, hopeful faces, how could she say no?

“Hmmm….but you heard all of my stories.”

“No we haven’t Grandma, you always have stories to tell.” Joelle replied as her siblings nodded in agreement.

“Let me think …. I may have one left in me yet.” She gave them a wink and their eager faces smiled up at her as she began.

“A long, long time ago there was a young girl named Sarah.”

Benji smirked, “It must have been an incredibly long time, since you were young!”

Grandma Sarah reached out and tickled his ribs. Benji was the witty one.

“As I was saying there was a fair young maiden by the name of Sarah. One early morning she was out for a walk around the lake.

She was secretly hoping to see Rudy. He was a tall, lanky boy with red hair and freckles.”

“Grandpa used to have red hair. This is a story about meeting Grandpa.” Marcia got a dreamy look in her eyes.”I can’t wait until I meet my Prince. ” Joelle rolled her eyes at her sister.

Grandma Sarah laughed, Marcia and Joelle couldn’t be more opposite. The romantic one and the tomboy. Shaking her head she continued with her story.

“Sarah’s heart jumped when she spotted him across the lake. Oh how she hoped he would notice her this time. She had taken extra time on her hair and even sprayed some perfume. That was sure to get his attention.

Her face was burning hot, and as red as a cherry. How dare he? She hated boys. Feeling mad and humiliated she kept her face down while walking back to the cabin.

All Sarah had been able to say was “Hi” to him. He had looked her way and smiled, but as she got closer he scrunched up his face and said, “What’s that awful smell?”

How dare he? He handles stinky fish and he had the nerve to say her perfume stank! She didn’t think it was her perfume at first, but he kept moving away from her when she would get closer. Finally he wrinkled his nose and yelled, “Stay away, you smell!”

Her face still burned, but she did have a little smug satisfaction. She had pushed him into the lake. Served him right.”

Joelle laughed, “Go Grandma!”

Benji made a face, “Poor Grandpa, girls are such trouble.”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

Grandma Sarah waited for them to stop squabbling and then continued once again.

Sarah’s time at the lake was coming to an end soon, her family would be going home. She hadn’t seen Rudy since that embarrasing day. What a swell vacation this had turned out to be. Not how she had planned at all. She was feeling sorry for herself while skipping stones across the lake.

A few minutes later she was in awe when she looked beside her. There was a golden heron so close to her. It was so still, looking so regal.

“Make a wish, I am the golden heron, at your service.”

Sarah’s mouth dropped open! Did that heron actually talk to her?

“You may want to close your mouth before a fish jumps in.”

Her mouth snapped shut but her eyes felt like they were coming out of her head. A heron was talking to her!

“How are you talking?” Sarah asked in astonishment.

“Well the same as you, I open my mouth and … I wouldn’t think I would have to explain it to you.”

Sarah didn’t know what to think but she wasn’t going to miss a chance to make a wish.

“Make Rudy like me.” She spit it out quick before getting too shy.

The golden heron said, “Your wish is my command.” And away it flew.

The following week they were packing up to leave and Sarah still hadn’t heard anything from Rudy. So much for her “wish.” She hadn’t seen the golden heron again either.

After being home for a week she was surprised to find a letter addressed to her in her mailbox. Who was it from?

Tearing it open she read the first lines. “Dear Sarah, How are you? I wish your family wouldn’t have left. I miss seeing you walking around the lake. You may not want to hear from me but I have to tell you something, though you are going to think I am crazy. Yesterday I saw a golden heron and ..”

A tingling sensation stirred throughout Sarah’s body as she continued to read.

“You can’t stop there Grandma, what happened?” Joelle asked.

“Yeah, I want to know, did Grandpa ever get you back for pushing him into the lake?” said Benji.

“Marcia, where are you going?” They all watched her running towards the door.

“I am going to go find the golden heron. I want to make a wish.”

Joelle smacked her head,”Oh help! Herons don’t make wishes come true, silly, But wait I want to ask it a question.” She was yelling as she ran out the door to catch up to her.

“Girls are so crazy and I have to put up with two of them!” groaned Benji. Grandma chuckled as she tousled his thick curls,

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  1. Hmm, what if Grandma had her attention on some other guy before Grandpa entered the picture? The grandkids made an assumption that the story was about their grandparents.

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