Healing Waves

This is the next part to Coming Up For Air

She drew her shoulders up, zipping her jacket the whole way up. It was nippy out but the roar of the waves made her forget the cold.

No one was around, not many people come to the beach in the middle of winter. Not unless one lives down South or is going to a tropical island.

Kaylee would have been elated to go to a tropical island, but unfortunately her bank account made it only possible to go to the beach close to her. Even if it was in Portland, Maine.

The solitude was perfect for her, no one could see her tears. She was supposed to see him in six weeks. Only six weeks! She had been counting down the days, and now …. who knew when she would see him again. Kaylee couldn’t let herself think of the other real possibility, the fact that she may not ever see him again. No! Impossible! That couldn’t happen.

A gust of wind blew and she jerked around to look. Where was he? The wind smelled like the Axe cologne that Evan had worn on their last night together.

He assured her that he would be back. Where was he? What had happened to him?

She fell to her knees on the sand, remembering his tender kiss and the love reflected in the deep pools of his anber eyes.

Tears caused her body to tremble. He hadn’t made it to his destination. For six weeks he was going to be doing an internship in a medical center in New Mexico.

Police had found his car in a ravine, and his pbone but there was no sign of him. There was a search party going on and they would keep her posted, but so far there was no word. She kept her phone charged now and was constantly checking it but only deafening silence. Well except for friends checking in on her.

Oh Evan, you have to be okay! You have to come back to me. She put her face in her hands.

“Let us run to the ocean…When you can let the pain in your heart be overpowered by the roar of the waves. ..”

Kaylee felt Heidi’s hand on her shoulder as she sank down on the sand beside her.

“You came?”

“How could I not? Remember the other words in that poem.

I will hold you while you cry. I will not let you fight this alone. Let us run to the ocean, dear friend, let us go!”

They embraced. Kaylee had penned that poem for Heidi years ago when she had lost her mom.

No words were needed as they watched the crashing waves. When their hands started growing numb from the cold they decided to leave.

The days drug by and still no word.Heidi did her best to keep Kaylee’s spirits up, but it was hard, the longer it went. Then one day Kaylee got the call.

“Final boarding call…”

Kaylee hugged Heidi. “Thanks for everything! I would never have made it without you.”

“Go! Bring Evan home.” With tear filled eyes Heidi watched Kaylee leave. Watching the plane take off was beautiful. The sun was beginning to rise and the sky was gorgeous.

How appropriate that today was Thanksgiving. Evan had been found. He had been found unconscious in a ditch. As his memory started to come back he said he had remembered leaving the car to go for help but nothing after that.

He had been dehydrated and had a broken arm, but that was it. There was no holding Kaylee back when she found out where he was.

Kaylee pushed open the door to Evan’s hospital room. “Happy Thanksgiving, my love!” She rushed to Evan’s side. His eyes twinkled with surprised delight! “Oh Kaylee. You are exactly what the Dr ordered.”

Their lips met and … the turkey was dry, the corn was old and the muffins were dry, but it was the best Thanksgiving of all! They were celebrating in a hospital room but they had each other and that was all that mattered.

26 thoughts on “Healing Waves

  1. On this particular Thanksgiving Day, 2022, I will not be having a feast of any kind. I will be making homemade fried rice, an inexpensive meal, and reminding myself to be thankful to have even THAT when so many others are struggling to put any kind of food on the table. My thankfulness sentiments will be in silent prayer as I recollect all of the things – and people, people especially – I have for which to be thankful. I will also not partake in Black Friday (I never have!).

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