Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Thanksgiving week, to those who celebrate it. We Americans celebrate being thankful for all we have on Thursday and then hit the shopping centers on Friday for everything that we think we need! The irony of having Thanksgiving and Black Friday back to back. On the other hand, I do enjoy getting a jump start on my Christmas shopping, but I am not one of those crazy people that will stand in one line for hours on end for a bargain. There is nothing I need or want that badly! Enjoy the following quotes, no line that you have to wait in and the best thing is that they are FREE. The best things in life always are!Β 

  1. Β 









I may have found this quote AFTER I already put on my “miracle” anti-writnkle cream …. πŸ™‚ But yes, I do like the quote.


52 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Imagine if Thanksgiving occurred on the day after Christmas. Just think of all the people standing in the returns line at the store, showing how unthankful they are.

    My favorite is #5. That turkey had better learn to fly.

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  2. I don’t buy presents for anyone anymore. I plan adventures and/or activities to share with the ones I consider worthy of a ‘gift’, because I understand (now that I’m anciently old) that memories can last far longer than tangible items. I’m glad that some stores are once again choosing to close for Thanksgiving Day and re-open at 6 AM for Black Friday! I will not be shopping anywhere on that day!

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    • Yes! I love fhe adventures and activities. Making memories is always better! ❀.
      I like buying gifts if I see something that sticks out to me that I know my friend or family member would really like. Not to buy something just for the sake of buying a gift.
      My son got me a gift that I really liked and was able to give back to him. πŸ˜‰
      It was a book called, “Mom, tell me about your life!” Asked questions about my childhood and sooo much more. Took awhile to fill out but was happy to do it before I get old and forgetful! A way to preserve memories.

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