Coming Up For Air

The tears didn’t stop coming. If she had been writing with pen and ink the words would have been blurry by now, due to her tears.

She wiped the tear drops off of the keyboard and stared at the words on the screen. Words straight from her broken heart. Words that may thaw the coldest of hearts, falling like a warm blanket, ringing with hope amidst the despair.

Were they her words on the screen she wasn’t even sure. She was still feeling numb, but feeling the fog begin to lift.

Her cell phone laid on the table, right where she had dropped it, after the call. Picking it up she turned it on but it was dead. Well that would explain why she hadn’t heard from anyone. She wondered how long it would take until someone knocked on her door, making sure she was okay.

Kaylee pulled out her favorite sweatshirt and black yoga pants. It was time for her to do something besides moving around like a zombie. Walking into the bathroom she turned the shower on hot and let it run down her back as she closed her eyes. All she had to do was stand there and remember to breathe.

Thirty minutes later she stepped out into what felt like a sauna. Her mirror was all fogged up, but she had a clearer mind. She knew what she was going to do.

Heidi pounded on the door and kept her finger on the doorbell. If Kaylee had a dog, it would have been going crazy by now.

Feeling frustrated she started looking around for where she would have hidden a key. Heidi was her bestie, she should have known where a spare key was, but she never thought to ask.

Girl, how many flower pots did she own! Heidi had picked up each one looking underneath and had dug a little into each flower pot, but came up empty handed. No key.

She tried calling again but got a message about her voicemail being full. Of course it was full. Heidi had left a ton of messages before coming over to her house.

Where was she? This wasn’t like Kaylee to go this long. She wasn’t someone who always returned messages right away, but she didn’t typically go this long without talking to Heidi.

The doormat! She felt like smacking her head. Of course! Picking up the doormat the tiny silver key lay there, as if it was mocking her, for taking her so long to find it.

Turning the key in the lock she opened the door and walked inside. For a split second she wondered if this was smart. Walking in alone? What if….? UGH! Her mind was messing with her, she watched too much Dateline and 48 hours.

“Kaylee!” She walked around the house calling her name, fearing that she would find her unconscious on the floor. But no, she wasn’t anywhere and more importantly her car was gone, she looked in the garage. Where had she gone? She knew it wasn’t work, for her co-worker had called Heidi, concerned that Kaylee hadn’t shown up for a couple of days.

What did she do now? Sitting down in Kaylee’s computer chair she tried to think. Thats when she noticed the computer screen.

The words tore at her heart. Oh Kaylee! What had made her friend so sad and why hadn’t she called Heidi?

Now Heidi was understanding ehat may have happened. Kaylee was one who liked her space. If she was overcome with sadness then she probably just needed to get away. She would contact Heidi when she was ready. Reading the words again made Heidi’s heart still ache but she also caught the tinge of hope in Kaylee’s words and she smiled. Kaylee wasn’t one to give up.

Heidi’s phone rang, it was Kaylee! “Girl, are you okay? I been worried about you!”

“I am sorry, I will explain, but not now. Just wanted to let you know I was fine before you sent out a search party.” There was a little hint of laughter that Heidi caught in Kaylee’s voice.

“You are lucky, you caught me in the knick of time. But first I had to break in to your house. Almost broke a window before finding your key.”

Now there was laughter, “Yeah, I put the key in such a tricky spot! But hey, thanks Heidi. Thanks for looking out for me. I will explain soon, I promise. Will blow up your phone with texts.”

“Will be watching and waiting and you are welcome. Thats what friends are for.”

The call ended shortly after that and Heidi blew out a sigh of relief. Now to sit and wait.

To be continued….

27 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. I could share with you my secret hiding place for an extra key, but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore! I’ve only shared its location with my bestie (who also has a spare key) and the local police and ambulance stations, in case there is ever a reason they need to come inside without having to break down a door.

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  2. Wherever Kaylee went, it must have been important, as it necessitated taking a shower first. I only take showers before weddings and court dates. Also, I think Kaylee needs a new friend. What kind of friend would break into your home while you’re away?

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