How many Contacts fit in an eye … Waking Up during Brain Surgery … and other Rare Facts!


Even if I didn’t have pain I would not want to be awake for brain surgery!


I want this kind of flower!


Creativity at work!


I did look this up, and its true but it still baffles me how the patient could not feel all those contacts in her eye!!


You do definitely want a parachute that works!


Your Hallmark moment for the day. ❀

38 thoughts on “How many Contacts fit in an eye … Waking Up during Brain Surgery … and other Rare Facts!

  1. Believe it or not, my Uncle Zelden was one of those parachute packers. During the process of packing, one of his hidden flasks accidentally fell out of his sleeve, and became irretrievably lodging in the folds of the chute. He never said anything because fortunately, it was just the backup parachute.

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    • Thanks for stopping by. It has become a regular Sunday feature. Just so many strange,rare facts out there! πŸ™‚
      Yes, I have never worn contacts but I can’t understand either. I would think it had to be very uncomfortable!

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  2. When I had my cataract surgery, I assumed I would be completely “out-of-it”. I was surprised to hear my surgeon say, “Be still!” and realize he was talking to me – I didn’t know I was moving but I’m assuming my eyeball was darting around? I agree with Pete about wanting the doctor to focus on the surgery, not on having a conversation with me! And I wore contacts and sometimes had trouble with just one in my eye feeling like a foreign object. 23???

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    • Yes, cataract surgery is strange, for I remember my Dr talking too but I don’t remember responding.
      I never wore contacts for I didn’t think that I could handle the feel of something in my eye. Maybe her eye was numb??


  3. I would love to see #2! I really enjoy unique plants like that.

    I saw that video and article about the contact lenses. The woman said she just followed the instructions about putting one in daily. And she wasn’t a blonde! LOL! like you, I don’t know how she couldn’t feel them all in her eye. She only went back to her eye doctor because she was having trouble with her vision. The other thing that struck me was, why only one eye?

    #6 isn’t just a Hallmark moment. It’s evidence of God at work.

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