Secrets of The Garden

Painting by Randy Burns from Pinterest

He had made it. After getting lost on back roads and having to wait for sheep to cross the road he finally ended up at his grandmother’s Secret Garden.

Owen had always felt close to his grandma. Many days he had spent at her house as a child. Fond memories kept coming to his mind over this past month, while he had contemplated her special, somewhat mysterious request.

Being a top executive of highly successful business kept him real busy. Due to that he hadn’t made it to his grandmother’s house for awhile. Quite a long whilr, being that he got lost coming today.

He had been surprised to get her phone call earlier in the month asking him to please come see her. That she had important business to discuss with him. Surprised and perplexed. What kind of business? He had to change his plans but he did and traveled the three hours distance to come see her.

When he got out of the car he looked around. He smelled the lilacs blooming and he smiled. How grandma loved her flowers. Hearing the screen door slam, he looked up and saw her standing on the porch.

“You made it! Didn’t know if you remembered the way here.”

“No problem! I just roll down the window and follow the scent of the lilacs.”

She laughed, “Well hurry up here so I can give you a hug dear boy. Its been too long.”

Feeling his grandma envelope hin in a hug warmed his heart. She may be small but there was nothing frail about her hugs. They were always strong.

“Come in,come in. I have milk and cookies for you.” She winked. “One is nevet too old for cookies, right?”

“When it comes to your cookies, no way!” His taste buds were already dancing in anticipation.

They had a wonderful chat and Owen told himself that he had to make more time in his schedule for this. He felt the stress of his job melting away, sitting in his grandma’s kitchen.

“So, I guess you want to know why I called you to come.”

Nodding his head, Owen replied. “I am a little curious. Nothing is wrong is it?” His eyes showed some concern.

“Oh No, nothing is wrong. In fact everything is right! I am going to Europe!”

Owen almost dropped his glass. “Europe! With who??”

“With my book club group. Lydia’s son owns a travel agency and got us super prices for a trip to Holland. Oh, I can’t wait to walk through their fields of flowers.” She was beaming.

Owen loved the sparkle of excitement in her eyes. Her bookclub was a tight group of ladies, he was sure she would have a grand time Did she want him to go along with her? Maybe that was it. He could look after her. He didn’t know if he could manage it but he would try. Would be fun to get away for awhile.

“So what do you think, would you be willing?”

“Yes, I would love to go with you.”

His grandmother gave him a strange look, “Go with me? Did you hear a word I said? We are going with a tour group, we will be fine. I need you to stay at my house and tend to my garden while I am away. I will be gone for two weeks.”

Most of the time he worked from home so he could do it and after his enthusiastic response about going with her, he would he embarrassed to say no to helping her out.

“Yes, I can stay here, though I will need instructions about your flowers, so that I can keep them alive.”

“Wonderful! Thank you so much, you always were my favorite grandson.”

Owen shook his head. That had been a saying of hers since he was little. Of course he was her favorite, he was her only grandson!

She had shown him all around her secret garden and the days flew by, Soon he had his bags packed and was heading out the door again. To go over the river and back country roads to his sweet grandmother’s house.

It was evening by the time he arrived. At least he hadn’t got lost this time. It felt strange to walk into the house without his grandmother being there.

Once he got settled in the guest room he decided to take a walk outside on the warm night.

Her garden was a piece of art. Owen sure hoped he could keep everything looking vibrant and fresh.

He pushed against the bricks a little, not sure why, just checking if they were secure. One moved. A loose brick? Theb he felt something behind it. It was a folded piece of paper. There was a hole in the brick and it was tucked inside.

Startled he unfolded the paper and read it once he got inside and under better light.

Wow! Owen had never known why his grandmother called her garden The Secret Garden. He thought maybe it was because of the children’s book that she used to read to him. But now after reading this note he didn’t know what to think!

It was like reading the first clue of a mystery. Did his grandmother know about this secret brick, with the note? Were there more? Would he be able to solve this mystery in two weeks?

Looking at the note again, he read. “Safe within this garden I lie. Nestled among the flowers, but safe from the bitter cold and sweltering sun. Rain and snow won’t bother me.”

14 thoughts on “Secrets of The Garden

  1. It’s grandfather’s body. It lies safe in the flower beds, while grandma continues to collect his monthly Social Security payment. Everybody thought grandpa had been shanghaied, after he won a jackpot at the Indian casino. At least, that’s the story grandma told. But no, the one who really won the jackpot was grandma. How she loves collecting that Social Security check.

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