The Last Unicorn

Painting from Pinterest

The air was crisp with cold. Lynelle thought she had seen a rabbit wearing earmuffs.

She rubbed her hands together, wishing she had thicker gloves. Shoving them into her pockets she picked up her brisk pace.

Making good time she was thinking of how she would warm herself by the cozy fireplace when she got home.

Whoa! What a gorgeous sight in front of her. The fading sunlight was shining on the colorful trees creating a special glow.

Lynelle didn’t need to go through the trees to go home. In fact she was supposed to turn the other direction, but the glow was urging her to come into the trees.

Unable to turn away she walked forward, towards the glowing light.

It didn’t take long for her to walk into the trees and be encircled by the light. She was in awe. It was more than the sunlight, there was something more to it. Was it magic, wondered Lynelle.

She kept walking seeing nothing out of the ordinary, besides the glowing light.

Then she noticed that the light appeared to be more centered in one specific area and with curiosity building she walked towards it.

Now that was something one didn’t see every day. Lynelle stared at a stunning unicorn, and a cow huddled together.

The light was coming from the cow. A glowing cow? And since when were unicorns real? Lynelle thought they were only in her childhood stories.

As Lynelle moved closer she heard the unicorn talking. Yes, things were getting stranger by the minute.

Getting a closer look she saw that it wasn’t the cow that was glowing. It was the cowbell that was around its neck that emitted a strange glow.

The unicorn was getting louder as she spoke. “Its not fair, I say!” She stomped her foot on the ground. “We unicorns are rare and special, we deserve to have a glowing bell around our necks.”

The cow ahook its head. “This is not an ordinary bell. Its an enchanted cowbell and you are unicorns, not cows!”

Throwing back her head the unicorn scoffed. “Of course we aren’t cows, cows are ordinary, common animals. We are much greater!”

Lynelle sensed the cow getting restless and perhaps a littlr mad as it snapped back.

“I am far from your ordinary cow! Have you not heard of all the adventures of Betsy, the wonder cow? I am a legend.”

“Ha!” We unicorns have had adventures too. I am not sure I really believe about the magic of the bell. I think you made it all up. You want so badly to be more than an ordinary, brown cow.

Lynelle heard the cow snort and it pawed the ground. Instinctively she backed up.

The unicorn didn’t flinch just kept being smart with the cow. Unicorns can be full of wit. They are known for tricking many. Especially innocent fairies and leprechauns.

“Just wait you old brown cow, we unicorns will rule. You will see. And for now I think that glowing.bell belongs with me!

Watching in disbelief Lynelle saw the unicorn attempt to bite the bell loose from around the cow’s neck.

Suddenly there were flumes of pink and purple smoke everywhere. When th3 smoke cleared the unicorn was gone. The cow stood in the same place looking rather smug and then soon it was gone as well. They both had been oblivious to Lynelle’s presence.

She felt like she was in a trance walking the rest of the way home. Little did she know what an important moment in time that she had witnessed.

The stunning unicorn had been the last of its kind. Unicorns were seen no more, but cows roamed everywhere. Books won’t tell you what really happened to the unicorns but Lynelle would figure it out. She read more about Betsy and understood. Obviously the enchanted cowbell sent all the unicorns away! For everyone knows that pride goes before a big fall and that one never wants to mess with Betsy, the Wonder Cow, the legend.

41 thoughts on “The Last Unicorn

  1. Obviously, this is a fictional fairy tale. Those who have searched have discovered that unicorns are everywhere. You just have to know how to recognize and appreciate them. And unicorns never get into stupid arguments with dumb cows.

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