Golden Wings

Thanks to Jason for this dreamy photo of the sunrise above the clouds from

Aurelia was lying on the cotton puff cloud admiring the colorful sunrise. Unfortunately she still felt miserable even amidst such beauty. How was she ever going to get her wings?

Sure she had her temporary wings now to fly around, but they were only for a limited time. She had to go through the Angel  classes to earn ber forever golden wings.

This was supposed to be her first day of Angel school, and she was lost. It wasn’t her fault that the sky was enormous! How was she supposed to tell one cloud from another? There were some funny shaped ones but a lot looked so similar.

Poor Aurelia, sbe had been sure she was headed the right direction. Apparently she shouldn’t have turned right at the cloud that had looked like a dog, but she didn’t know how to find the dog cloud again, all she saw were cat ones now.

There was no denying that it was blissful up here. But she knew that it would get boring quickly being all alone. A tear slipped from her eye.

What was that sound? It sounded like someone crying. The intensity of the cry was growing. Wiping the tear from her eye she flew in the direction of the sound.

Oh Wow! Aurelia gasped in astonishment. There was a tiny baby lying on the clouds. Its poor face was red from crying so hard. Aurelia picked it in her arms talking to it in soothing tones. It took a little but at last the cries stopped and it cooed. Aurelia’s heart about burst from the baby’s cuteness. What was it doing here?

Rocking the baby in her arms she felt something on its foot. There was a small card. Lucas Ray to be delivered to Henry and Lucy at 36 Daffodil Lane in the town of Holly Springs on November 14th.

That was today! There was no time to lose. Aurelia didn’t know what stork had forgotten this baby, but she would make sure to safely deliver it to its new home.

With the bundle of love snuggled tight in her arms she flew down to earth.

Aurelia saw a road sign, Blackberry Lane, that wasn’t it. She kept flying reading signs until she felt dizzy in the head. So many names! Finding Daffodil Lane was like looking for a 4 leaf clover in a field of wildflowers.

Lucas was being so good, sleeping through the whole ride.

Holly Springs! There was the sign. They had entered the town. Aurelia was hopeful. A hout later the hope was wearing thin. Her arms started to ache and she still hadn’t found Daffodil Lane.

All she could do was keep trying she couldn’t leave the baby just anywhere.

Soon she would have to take a break for she was getting sleepy and flying while sleepy was dangerous. That was one of the first lessons they were taught when learning how to fly.

Daffodil Lane, she found it! A small street lined with Daffodils of course. How cheery it looked. She started counting the houses and she was delighted when she found the house of Henry and Lucy. What a charming house it was. Yellow with baby blue trim.

The window was open, must be the nursery. Aurelia flew in and laid baby Lucas in its crib. Feeling cold after being put in the crib it started to cry. Aurelia heard footsteps coming, it was time for her to leave. As she soared into the air her heart was aa light as a feather, she had delivered a baby!

She still didn’t know bow to get to her Angel classes. For now she guessed she would go back to where she had been and think of what to do while she rested on a cotton puff cloud.

Oh, it felt good to rest! She started to close her eyes when something glistened. There was a gold reflection in the clouds.

Aurelia let out a scream of joy! She had golden wings. By delivering baby Lucas she had earned her forever golden wings.

27 thoughts on “Golden Wings

  1. But suddenly a giant hand extended from the sky and snatched those golden wings away. It appears Aurelia had misread the card on the baby’s foot. It wasn’t Lucas Ray, it was Lucifer Ray. Aurelia had accidentally delivered the devil incarnate to the unsuspecting home of Bob and Rosemary (turns out she wasn’t so good at finding the right address, either). Rosemary’s baby would be a terror to raise, and poor Bob and Rosemary would never be the same again.

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