The Fair Maiden and the Painter

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It was turning out to be a late night. As he re-read the sentence for the third time he knew he was going to have to call it a night. Tomorrow would be another day. Another day to try to forget the mysterious woman. How many books would he have to read to get her out of his mind.

Tomorrow would be Saturday, he would have all day. He closed the book and stood up. Oh his body ached! How long had he been lying in the same position. Long enough to get stiff.

Once he stood up he had one goal in mind. Getting to bed before he fell down. Skipping flossing for one night wasn’t going to hurt anything. He brushed his teeth and was in bed within minutes and asleep seconds later.

What was ringing? Why was his alarm going off, it was Saturday! He banged the alarm but the ringing persisted. Right before he threw the alarm clock across the room he realized it was his phone that was ringing.


“Hi Kyle, I will be there in 10 minutes to pick you up. I am finishing up breakfast now.”

There was silence. Kyle looked at the alarm clock. It was 6am! Why was Jeff calling him at 6am.

“Umm..Jeff, its 6am and its Saturday, why…”

“Did you forget? Don’t you remember our plans?”

Kyle smacked his head, “I was thinking next Saturday. Will be ready as soon as I can.”

He dropped the phone and jumped out of bed. Ugh! How could he have forgotten! Grabbed his clothes off the floor, ran the comb through his hair and got the last couple gulps of orange juice and last piece of bread for toast. He apparently needed to go grocery shopping.

He heard his friend’s loud car rolling down the road. Kyle was sure that his neighbors weren’t too happy.

Running out the door he hopped into the truck. “Still haven’t fixed the muffler I hear.”

“Soon I will.”

Kyle nodded his head and saw Miss. Weatherby from next door, peeking out of her blinds

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes Kyle turned to Jeff. “Why so early, didn’t we say 8am?”

“8am to be there, it takes a couple hours to get there.”

Kyle shook his head, he felt all out of sorts. Yesterday had totally messed with his head. It was all Rapunzel’s fault! Woman were trouble!

While Jeff drove, Kyle closed his eyes as thoughts about the mysterious woman drifted through his mind.

She was at a Halloween party he had gone to last week. She was dressed as Rapunzel and unfortunately he wasn’t dressed as a Prince to rescue her, but he did dress as a fireman. He told her he would rescue her anytime. She gave a small laugh and walked away from him. He hoped a hole would swallow him up, could he have said anything more cheesier.

But they had talked later and he felt a connection, something he hadn’t felt before. There was something special about her.

“You, okay?”

Kyle opened his eyes. He hadn’t meant to groan out loud. “I am fine. Just have Rapunzel on my mind.

Jeff laughed, “I did see her watching you at the party.”

“Watching me? Really? We had talked for a little but then she went off with her friends.”

“Well, don’t stress it, if its meant to be you will see your fair maiden again. For now think of how we soon will go sky diving! All we need to do is pick up some old furniture from this lady’s house and then we will be on our way, my friend.”

Jeff was right, he had already wasted too much time thinking about her. Today he would at last be doing something he had dreamt about for awhile, excitement started to take over his thoughts. He was really going to fall from the sky.”

“Here we are. Lets load up the furniture and get going. Wow! This is one stunning mansion!”

They ran a little side business of picking up things that people wanted to get rid of. Either they would resell it or get rid of it. From the looks of the mansion they may get a lot for this furniture. Worth the early morning hour.”

Jeff rang the doorbell. “Good Morning!” He said, when the door was opened by a young woman.

“We are here for the furniture.”

“Its all in the basement, right this way.” The young woman pointed over to her right, and down a few steps into the basement. Jeff went down into the basement. Kyle lingered behind. There was something about the young woman’s eyes and her voice. She was staring at him as he followed her.

She stumbled on the step and Kyle reached out to grab her and keep her from falling. Their faces were closer and the young woman smiled. “You did say you would rescue me, didn’t you.”

He knew it! Thats why her face looked familiar. “Rapunzel?” He touched her face, holding her gaze as if he was under a spell.

“Excuse me sir but I hired you to take away some of my furniture not to stand here distracting Aria.”

Aria’s face flushed. “Do you need something Mrs Harrington?”

She looked between Kyle and Aria and smiled. “Yes, I do. Young man do you paint? I been needing to have some painting done around here. I will pay you well.”

If painting meant he could see Aria again than yes, he painted. He had done a little before.

“Yes Ma’am, I could paint for you.”

“Good. Will see you next Saturday.”

They heard a yell, “Kyle, where are you? I can’t carry this dresser myself!”

Kyle gave an impish grin as he excused himself and hurried down the stairs.

Aria looked at Mrs Harrington, “Painting?? The painters were here last month.”

“Right you are, child. Hmmm….I must have forgotten.” She winked at Aria as she walked away.

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