A Name To Remember!

I won’t keep you waiting too long for the next part in the Mrs Harrington stories, but had to take a break tonight when I saw this photo from a dear reader! Thanks Monika for the laugh and for stirring my imagination.

https://wp.me/p4tP6M-41G Stop by and visit Monika’s blog. It will bring a smile!

She was steaming mad! Wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. If she did she would get a mouthful of leaves!

Plainly the idiot salesman did not know what he was talking about when he had told her it was a self propelled broom. That it would steer itself. He said she could close her eyes and go to sleep.

Cofficina did exactly that and she awoke to find herself stuck upside down in a pile of leaves! That salesman was going to be so sorry. All she needed to do was remember his name. He would rue the day when he tried to pull a fast one over on her.

After some effort, she managed to get out of the pile of leaves, brush herself off and fly home. She kept her eyes open and steered it herself this time.

Once home Cofficina made herself some tea made from snails and armadillo tails. Why could nothing ever go right for her. Granted she was better off than her poor sister from the West. Being stuck in a leaf pile was a whole lot better than having a house fall on you.

She also knew to stay away from water, like her other unlucky sister but she was tired of living in their shadow! No one knew about her!

Her sisters had a movie made about them … they were famous! Everyone knew who they were. Young and old people alike. But ask people about Cofficina, the witch of the North, and you only get blank stares. She had enough. It was time for people to know who she was!

Cofficina got busy over the next week. She spent all of her time researching and reading, thinking and plotting. Many nights she burned the snake oil until at last she had concocted a recipe.

She took the first sip after mixing it together in her big pot. Ahh! It was perfect. She poured herself a cup and drank it. This was much tastier than snails and armadillo tails. After three cups she smiled with pride.

Over the next few days she worked day and night mixing up the magic potion and making several jars of it.

Then early one morning she took a jar full of her magic drink to a friend’s shop where her friend offered to sell it for her.

Within the week her friend was calling her asking for more! Cofficina was kept busy. Her drinks were becoming famous and Cofficina couldn’t be happier.

It felt wonderful making something that people liked. Cofficina wasn’t like her sister’s, she enjoyed making people happy. They were thanking her and wanting her autograph. She would visit the shop at times meeting them.

Over time word of her magic drink spread and demand for her drink increased. Shops kept springing up everywhere. Cofficina became a household name.

When Cofficina grew old she was content in knowing that she had created a legacy. Her name would be on peoples lips forever. Every time that they ordered Cofficina’s drink, better known as Coffee.

Oh, and even though she was a good, friendly witch, she did get back at the idiot salesman for the broom he sold her long ago. But, thats another story.

46 thoughts on “A Name To Remember!

  1. And here I was so certain that the Cofficina’s concoction was going to be something made with grapes … 🍷🍷 Ah well, it definitely beats snails and armadillo tails! BLECH. 🀒 Cofficina may have a good heart, but she ain’t no Glenda or Samantha!

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  2. This is such malarkey. I have no doubt that a witch invented coffee, since it’s poison, and it’s often referred to as “brew.” But Cofficina is a wicked witch. Today, billions of people are addicts, because of Cofficina. They’re addicted to coffee. They can’t function without their cup of brew every morning. And so they made Cofficina very rich, spending down to their last penny for the addictive bean. It’s so sad. I think Cofficina should be burned at the stake.

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