39 thoughts on “The Caring Gorilla … The Lawnmower that travelled…False Impressions

  1. Interesting concept regarding the tickets in Finland. I don’t know how fair it is, but it seems that the wealthy usually get most of the perks and can afford the cost of a ticket more easily.

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  2. #1 — I LOVE it!!! Tired of the wealthy skating by, robbing us blind and not even paying taxes! Go Finland!

    #2 — I remember seeing this several years ago … definitely an “Awwwww” moment!

    #3 — I’m a bit skeptical on this one, but then these days I am known for my cynicism.

    That’s all for this round! Hugs

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  3. 1. Wow! In college, I would have been able to drive as fast as my old beater truck could go. Oh wait… that wouldn’t have been speeding.
    2. Sounds like that kid was monkeying around.
    3. Greeting upon arriving, “I’ma returnin’ that ol’ mower a yers!”
    4. Residences for number 6?
    5. “Mocking an Instagram user”… now that’s properly ridiculous deceptive honesty.
    6. Residents of number 4?

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  4. Big fine for going over the speed limit by a LOT! #servesthemright
    Had you said the was New Zealand rather than Australia, I would have immediately thought of The Hobbit. Actually I did anyway. Opals are much nicer above ground though. 😉


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