The Cow Jumped Over the Wave

Image from Pinterest. This picture begged for a story! I couldn’t pass it by.

Hilda was looking at her watch and tapping it, wishing she could make time go faster that way.

“Violet, you are as slow as molasses. Are you coming?” She hollered up the steps to her sister.

“Who is coming? We are getting ready to leave, we can’t have company now.”

Hilda shook her head. Why did she waste her breath trying to yell. Her sister had enough trouble hearing when she was right next to her.

Five minutes later Violet finally came down the stairs.

“Who is coming? You never answered me.”

“Noone is coming sister, we have to go. Don’t want to miss our taxi. I told him to be here at 11am sharp. Though we could save money if you would let me drive.”

Violet gave her sister a hopeless look, but didn’t say a word. Hilda knew why she couldn’t drive, eversince she tried driving on the sidewalks. Not to mention stopping in the middle of an intersection for no reason! Violet thought she would have a heart attack if they didn’t get hit first!

Beep!! “The taxi is here, lets go!” They held onto each other as they walked out the door and down the steps. Keeping each other balanced and upright.

A half hour later they were sinking their feet into the sand at the beach. Felt so good. They had grown up near the ocean and it was in their souls.

Gone were their days of surfing. Hilda thought they should try it and be called the Surfing Grannies. Violet reminded her that they had enough trouble staying upright when they were walking! Hilda made a face and sighed.

They put up their umbrellas, and got out their books, ready to spend a day reading and letting the magic of the ocean soothe them. Washing away all their cares.

Hilda put down her book and stretched. She had been reading for two hours.

“Can’t think of a more joyful way to spend this sunny day than at the beach.”

“I agree sister! Would love to have a peach.”

Hilda laughed. “Sorry Violet, we are out of peaches.” Sometimes it was easier to not correct her and just go along with what she said.

“I could go for a soft pretzel. Would you like one?” Hilda asked.

“Yes, please.”

Violet watched a seagull flying in the air and watched the sandpipers scurry across the sand. They were so cute to watch.

Then she looked at the ocean and its rolling waves. Felt the breeze on her face and smiled. Where was Hilda? She was getting hungry.

Oh wow! There were dolphins jumping the waves! Never would she tire of how graceful they were to watch.

Oooh her vision must be getting worse! No, her vision was fine, She had been to the eye Dr last week.

Violet was stunned at the incredible sight! There were only a few people on the beach and none of them were looking at the water. Violet wanted to yell at them to LOOK! Magic was happening right before their eyes. How she wished that Hilda could see it.

“Sorry it took so long, They were short staffed.”

“Thanks!” Violet took the pretzel but wasn’t hungry now. All she could think about was the dolphin and the cow!! A cow looking as graceful as the dolphin. How could that be possible? She always thought they were big, clumsy animals.

“You will never guess what I saw, Sis! There was a cow jumping waves with a dolphin! They were side by side.

Hilda gave her sister a look that said it all.

“I am not crazy, it really was a cow! If a cow can jump over the moon, why not some waves?”

Hilda “smacked her head” and made a mental note to herself to call the Dr.about Violet.

“Look there it is again! The magical brown cow!” Violet yelled.

Hilda’s jaw dropped. Mental note to herself. Don’t breathe a word about the cow to anyone. What happens at the beach, stays at the beach!

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