Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a good start. I know one girl’s week that is. Well I don’t really know her, but my kids found out that a girl they went to HS with won over 3 million dollars in the lottery. I wonder how many classmates are going to come out of the blue claiming that they were close friends. In case anyone is hoping that I win the lottery, stop holding your breath, have to play in order to win! May not be able to share lottery winnings, but here is a picture from Pinterest to make you smile and hopefully the quotes do as well.











71 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Oh, Joy! You give me joy in my heart and your quotes always hit the right note! They’re funny and full of wisdom too! Sending you lots of love and hugs! Re:lottery,…yep! I bet friends come out of the woodwork! πŸ˜‚

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  2. The puppies reminded me that my daughter just started working at an animal shelter and has been sending me cute videos of shelter dogs for the last two days. I have to keep reminding her (and myself) that I am at my dog capacity now.

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  3. You always provide little jewels of wisdom. I don’t know where you find them all. The proofreading one is correct, especially in today’s world. Although I’m extra careful because I’m a part-time proofreader and wordsmith, I have my moments.

    I can relate to #8 also. I have a magnet on my fridge (one of many) that says “I feel like I’m diagonally parked in a parallel universe.” And that’s the way it is quite often.

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  4. Winning the lottery when you don’t even play it would make a good story. Uh oh, there goes Carolyn’s mind for a new tale.🀣

    The one I chuckled at was proofreading. How often do I continue to make the same mistakeβ€”hitting send before proofreading?

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