Wolverines to the Rescue … Where is the Remote … Kangaroo Comes Back Home and other Fun Facts.


Can’t even fathom having that much money!


Would any of you want that job? I do believe I would lose count.


Does anyone else see a potential problem with this??


Where do you usually find your remote? Can’t say that we have ever found ours outside!


Ahh, the definition for what the teacher on Charlie Brown sounds like.



42 thoughts on “Wolverines to the Rescue … Where is the Remote … Kangaroo Comes Back Home and other Fun Facts.

  1. Those were some of the most interesting tidbits I’ve read. When my son was three and we were renting a vacation house, I couldn’t find the remote. He pointed over the edge of the hill and said he threw it. I scrambled down a bank, six months pregnant, hanging onto branches and bushes to keep my balance and looked for it. I later found it in the sofa.

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  2. No way I could count those steps! Like you, my mind is far too busy and easily distracted. I often find myself in room wondering what I went in there for and I have a very small apartment.

    Speaking of wandering minds, how distracted must someone be for their remote to end up outside or in the freezer? I have a specific spot for my remote so if I misplace it it happens when I lay it down on the couch and it ends up between the cushions. No problem: my Roku box has a button I press and the remote beeps until I find it.

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