Talking is Expensive … Annoying Alarm Clock … Ajax Pun … and Other Facts!


She looks thrilled! If anyone wants to pay me just a quarter of that to talk to me I would be willing.


The “spelling errors” were his name, date, and the crime he committed. It was his tonguw-in-cheek way of saying he was innocent.


This alarm clock would last as long as the drum set alarm clock that my husband had been given by friends. Played a drum solo. It was gone within a week!


Did anyone else know this?


Who knew that there was a word for it. I may regret posting it!


Now thats a fun friend!

78 thoughts on “Talking is Expensive … Annoying Alarm Clock … Ajax Pun … and Other Facts!

  1. No one has yet mentioned the spelling error in #2 about spelling errors! I would be forever grateful to a friend who would be willing to wheelchair race with me! As for alarm clocks – – I’ve set an alarm for my potential naps, in case I have something cooking or doing laundry, but I haven’t set an alarm clock for overnight in at least 10 years. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to “oversleep” some night!

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  2. That Saudi Prince must have been very lonely … I almost feel sorry for him, but then … there’s likely a reason nobody wanted to talk to him and he had to pay so much for just a bit of conversation! I wonder what they talked about?

    I hope nobody ever gives me an alarm clock such as that one! ‘Twould be an interesting novelty, but I’m famous for trying to put a square peg in a round hole and I don’t sleep with my glasses on, so it would likely wake the neighbors before I could manage to shut it off and I’d be lynched!

    I have treppenwitzed so many times that I’m known as “day late and dollar short”!

    Fun post!!! Thanks!

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    • I didn’t think about that but yes maybe he was lonely. Royalty isn’t all its cracked up to be. I wondered to what they talked about.

      You mean I can’t send you one of those clocks for your birthday?πŸ˜‰
      Glad you enjoyed the post! Hopefully it helps your Monday be off to a great start! 😊

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      • Sounds like a good start of a story for you to write …

        Oh, you can send one of the clocks if you wish, but I’ll probably re-gift it … hmmmmm … which of my ‘friends’ … πŸ€”

        Yep, you started my Monday with a smile!


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