Sunset Dreams

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The sand was cooler as it squeezed between her toes. No longer were the sun’s rays beating down on it, heating it up. Colors were blending together like melted crayons as Adrianna watched the setting sun and she dreamed.

She walked around the water’s edge with the water splashing on her bare feet. Her hot pink pedicure was fading, but she didn’t care, her mind was filled with dreams of what could be. Her dreams were changing from what they used to be.

For a moment in time she had been in the spotlight. She had known what it was like to see her name up in lights. To have the fame that she had always dreamed about eversince she was a little girl.

Her mom had joked about her being born with a microphone in her hand, for how she loved to sing. Never one to be shy, she would perform whenever she had an audience.

Broadway called her heart when she was 18 and off she went to fulfill her dreams.

All was amazing in the beginning but then…years passed and something in her heart began to change. She longed for the simple days of her childhood.

The days of frolicking in the sand and taking the kayak out with her Grandpa. How many hours had they spent on the lake paddling in the water? He had listened intently to her dreams. Adrianna felt as if she was the only thing that mattered to her grandpa in those moments. He made her feel special.

She would prattle on about longing to leave their small town and go to the big city where she could shine.

He would listen with patience and never discourage her, but he often would remind her to not forget the simple pleasure of watching sunsets.

When on the lake they would rarely miss a sunset. Adrianna had enjoyed the the pagentry of the sky, but didn’t see then how it could compare with the dazzling lights of the city.

Her proud grandpa was sitting in the front row, finally having made it to a Broadway show. Adrianna had beamed with happiness.

He had spent a few days with her as she showed him around New York. He was glad to be with his only granddaughter, but she sensed that he was eager to get home, back to his lake.

The morning he left for his flight she had kissed him goodbye and he said, “I am proud of you honey, but never stop watching the sunsets.”

She had smiled but at the time couldn’t remember the last time she had taken an evening to appreciate the sunset. One had to keep a busy schedule if they kept wanting to see their name in lights.

Adrianna had tried to dismiss the unsettling feeling that had come after his visit, but she couldn’t. Keeping her busy schedule was becoming more of a chore. It wasn’t as enjoyable as it had been at first.

Performing night aftet night was losing its charm. She had needed a break, a chance to think about things and she knew just where to go.

Adrianna stood at the kayak, ready to get in.

“Are you ready?” He walked a little slower but his periwinkle eyes still twinkled.

“I am ready, Grandpa.”

They climbed into the kayak and started paddling into the sunset. There was a comfortable silence between them.

Adrianna watched the changing sky and thought how it was true, dazzling lights could not compare to the pleasure of sunset dreams.

45 thoughts on “Sunset Dreams

  1. Joy, you’re such a gifted writer! Such a dreamy and heart-tugging story. The words and the relationship, plus picture, are a yerrfuve trifecta! Here are some stars for Jason, too. Lol ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  2. It’s a Sunday morning and I actually slept in a bit for a change (didn’t get up until 7:30). I’m relaxed and enjoying my coffee and reading this story is the last piece of the puzzle to let me know that this is going to be a relaxed day. It was charming!

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