The Inner Debate

Is Roman really a wonderful “Romeo”? I decided that we needed to find out. This is Part 2 to The Encounter

Three times. Jessica had a dreamy look in her eyes. Three times now Roman had brought her a French Vanilla Cappacino. He has been staying longer with her each day and Jessica felt herself becoming more captivated.

Today she had begun to worry that he wasn’t coming. He didn’t come until around 6pm. All day she had waited, her heart was flip flopping inside of her as she waited, arguing with herself to go out, why was she waiting for him? But all she could do was sit on the deck, trying to read, as thoughts of Roman ran through her mind. What was she doing falling for a guy who she might not see again.

Her mom and aunt had called earlier while she was waiting for him. They had wondered if she had met anyone there and she said a friend and her enjoyed coffee every morning.

She may have left out the little detail about him being a guy and quickly changed the subject. They were more than happy to talk about plans for her 21st birthday coming up.

As much as she was enjoying his visits there was something odd about him. One moment he would appear suave and confident and the next moment cold and distant. That would be when he would abruptly leave, like he did again today.

Everything was going fine. They were talking, getting to know each other and laughing together. He asked her about going on a hike tomorrow. His face had brightened at her cheerful response, before his face grew somber.

What caused the change? Had he not wanted her to say yes? He had grown quiet and then said he had to go, leaving her wondering. Men! They could be so confusing. They said women gave mixed signals, but why ask someone to do something if you really didn’t want them too! She kicked a stone in ber path as she walked back inside.

Roman needed something to kick as he was walking back to his cottage. Why did Jessica have to be so vivacious and friendly? He was drawn to her and hating himself more and more for it! It had only been a few days but she filled him with joy and he wanted to know her better.

It was with much regret that he knew what he had to do. But for his peace of mind he had too, there really was no other choice to make. If only he didn’t have to go back to the cottage tonight and face the “woman”, or as she preferred to be called, “her Highness.”

“Where is the girl?” He tried to make it up the stairs before she saw him but it didn’t work.

“I said, Where is the girl?” The woman had stood up now and was glaring at him, expecting an answer.

“She…she wasn’t there.”

The woman looked at him with a skeptical eye. “Wasn’t there? You were gone for a long time. What were you doing if she wasn’t there?”

“I was waiting for her, my Highness.” He thought he better try to sweeten her up as much as possible. Though he doubted it would do much good.

“Well maybe you should have waited longer. You are running out of time you know. ”

He tried to ignore the tightening knot in his stomach and the sardonic smile on her face. Without a comment he walked up the stairs to his room to go to bed, though he knew that tonight, sleep would elude him.

(To be continued…)

16 thoughts on “The Inner Debate

  1. Still with youβ€”it’s getting good. Roman is obviously trying to protect Jessica from whoever is “The Highness.” I suspect that he will come up with an alibi to bring them together.

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