Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Reading a historical novel about Native Americans … We thought we knew so much more than they did … When really it was the other way around.

When your knee starts hurting for no reason … no jumping out of airplanes … no falling off a bike … it just decides to stir up trouble all on its own.

When you are reading a fictional novel and read about a breed of dog that you never heard of before. You wonder if its real. It is! Have you heard of a Langberger? They come from Germany, a pretty dog, but too big of one for me to own.

31 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

      • That was a “Bernese”, a Swiss dog. The “Burmese” that bit me is something of a Thai joke… though my subsequently Rabies vaccinated backside might not have laughed much.

        BTW, My time in Thailand was largely spent developing an artificial knee for people who’d lost theirs. The originals are something of an engineering disaster.

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        • Oops! I do recognize the difference in the spelling now. OUCH! Did you have to get a series of rabies shots?
          Wow on helping to develop an artifical knee!
          So I will check with you down the road if I need one. πŸ˜‰

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          • Yep… I had a full, five shot regimen, along with antibiotics. Pretty nasty puncture bite to my hand and wrist. “Let sleeping dogs lie.” Good advice!
            I was teaching English and running a graduate project at Lanna Tech in Chiang Mai to design a durable, on-site producible knee for landmine victims. Let me know if you ever need one (a knee… not a landmine).

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  1. The mysterious pains keep coming more and more the older you get. I have quite a few. Who knew that sleeping could be so hard on one’s body?🀣

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  2. What’s the historical novel you’re reading? Try telling your knee that it is dispensable and to either “shape up or ship out!” I tell my body parts that all the time, and it works … for a while, anyway! Hugs, dear friend!

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          • Always mind over matter, my friend! That’s how I manage to keep going … I remind the body it is secondary to my purpose in life and that I can do this … I’ve got this. You don’t know how many times a day I have to give myself that little talk … “head up, shoulders back, it’s only 15 steps to the top … you can do this, bitch!” Yep, that’s how I talk to myself, and it works! Love you, dear Carolyn!


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