The Encounter

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Wow! This was amazing. She felt like she was in paradise and she never wanted to leave. Jessica closed her eyes, letting herself listen to the waterfall, embracing the serenity.

Spending all day outside in the sun had worn her out but it had been refreshing. She hadn’t been able to bring herself to leave this little corner of Eden that she had found. Now she was stretched out on her bed in the cozy cabin, debating about where to go eat.

The shower had helped her to wake up and she decided to go back into town. She would pick up an order of sushi and bring it back to the cabin.

While waiting on the sushi she checked her phone for messages. Her Aunt had sent several, Jessica would have to call her when she got back to the cabin.

Aunt Rachel loved her like a daughter, having had no kids of her own, she was delighted when Jessica was born. Jessica was blessed to have a mom and an Aunt that adored her.

Her dad had died only a short time before she was born and her Aunt Rachel was a life saver to her mom! Who knows what would have happened to her mom if it wouldn’t have been for her. She helped her mom to stay afloat when the waves of grief threatened to drown her.

They both had always been there for Jessica and for that she would be forever grateful.

The only drawback was that they were overprotective of her. Jessica kept telling them that they had to let her spread her wings sometime.

When the opportunity arose for Jessica to go on vacation with her friend Elena she jumped on it.

An amazing log cabin in the middle of the woods, not far from the waterfalls that she had spent the day at. So peaceful. She really wished that Elena hadn’t got sick but so glad that Elena had encouraged her to go on her own. Jessica was relishing being here, savoring the moments.

After calling her Aunt and Mom and assuring them that she was fine, she soaked in the bubbles of the jacuzzi. That night she laid in her bed, feeling as content as an otter, lying on its back in the water, just floating along. It didn’t take long until she was floating into dreamland.

Jessica woke up early the next mornimg and went out on the deck to listen to the birds. She caught her breath … there was a deer and her fawn standing not that far away from the cabin.

This was surreal for someone who had grown up in the city all their life with a Starbucks on every corner. Oh, she could go for a Starbucks coffee right now. Suddenly the deer perked up their ears and the mama ran with her fawn following close behind. What had startled them?

“Good Morning Miss! Would you like my own freshly brewed French Vanilla Cappacino? I am staying in the cabin close by, and have been meaning to come say Hi and introduce myself. My name is Roman.”

Looking down Jessica saw a young man, tanned with blonde hair and the most charming smile. She walked over to him thinking that this vacation was getting better all the time.

“Hi Romeo, I am…” Jessica’s cheeks turned crimson, had she said what she thought she said?

He looked at her with a twinkle in his eye as he asked with a face of innocence. “And would your name be Juliet?”

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  1. Good one so far. I’m sure there is more to come. I wonder how old Jessica is because I’m curious how overprotective her mom and aunt are of her.

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