Was it Magic?

This is the conclusion to What Happened to Bob?

The deli sandwich didn’t taste as good when eating it alone. Where was Bob? Jerry kept asking himself that question.  For two days Bob had been missing and everyone was befuddled  as to where he could be.

Splat! “Got ya!”

Jerry almost dropped his glass. The waitress had slapped his table with a dirty fly swatter. It looked like it was covered with the guts of  100 flies.

“Sorry mister, but I been chasing that fly all around. With a swipe of a her hand she wiped the dead fly off the table and walked away.

Putting his sandwich back down Jerry got up to leave, his appetite was totally gone now.

He headed to his friend’s construction site to help him figure out how to fix a truss that had a crack in it. Needed something to keep him busy and not have him thinking about Bob.

Had she added the sugar already or not? Naomi sighed. She couldn’t stop worrying about Bob. He would never just up and disappear without telling anyone. Where had he gone and what had made that large burnt mark on the ground?

Walking into into her living room she picked up the Family Bible. Sitting down with it she sent up a prayer for her kind brother Bob. He was the best brother she had, he was her only brother, he had to be alright.

Who was banging on her door, making such a racquet? Couldn’t a wearyΒ  woman have any peace. She was busy praying for Bob. Whatever was the matter they could wait until she was finished. Maybe they would go away. No one would stand out in the pouring rain too long.

The bangimg kept up. It was no use she couldn’t concentrate. “Sorry about the rude interruption Lord, but I have to cut my prayer short.”

Rising from her chair she yelled, “I am coming! Just hold your horses.”

She opened the door and yelled, “Bob!! Its you!!” Throwing her arms around him she gave him a big hug, pulling him inside.

You are drenched!”

“Well you took your good old time answering the door woman! I thought you weren’t home.”

Naomi couldn’t stop smiling. “Oops! Guess it wasn’t a rude interruption after all.” She said, looking upwards.

Bob gave her a strange look. “What are you talking about?”

“Never mind. I am so happy to see you!” She gave him another tight hug, not caring that she was getting wet.

“I am mighty glad to see you too, sis! You won’t believe what happened.”

“Have a seat and tell me everything! Let me pop the pie in the oven and then I will sit down as well.”

“I sure am hungry! They fed me the strangest food.” Bob said.

Naomi took a seat, “Who?? Where were you??”

“I was held captive in a spaceship!”

“A spaceship! Are you sure?”

“I know what a spaceship looks like sis. Plus there were blue aliens on it.”

Naomi was intrigued, though also wondering if her brother had hit his head. But she didn’t say anything.

“They made me drink the worst coffee. So bitter, I about spit it out. Someone needs to teach those aliens about cream. I am not quite sure what I ate but it was fuzzy and a green color.”

Naomi made a face, thinking of the food she had found in the back of Bob’s refrigerator before.

They tried talking to me but I couldn’t understand any of their gibberish. I think I was driving them crazy for I kept asking questions and they kept smacking their heads. Neither of us were getting anywhere.”

“Is that why they let you go? Because you couldn’t understand each other?”

“Who knows! They yelled, threw their hands up in the air, rolled their four eyes and landed the spaceship. I was kinda wishing they would have let me try to operate it.”

“You haven’t ever operated a spaceship, you probably would have crashed, you noodle brain.” Naomi had been calling him that since they were young and the nickname stuck.

“So they landed the spaceship in your yard?”

“Nope! In a big pasture and then they disappeared high up in the air again. I had no idea where I was. How far had we traveled? There was nothing around me and then … !”

Naomi was listening so intently that the buzzer on the oven made her jump.Β  Quickly she got up and pulled out the apple pie. Bob’s mouth watered, hut he kept talking.

“I saw a cow. The most amazing cow ever!”

“How can an ordinary cow be amazing?”

“This cow was far from ordinary! She had a sparkling cowbell around her neck and such compassionate eyes. It was like she knew me. Knew my story. I walked right up to her intrigued by the cowbell. Naomi, you won’t believe what happened next.” He paused.

“What? Did the cow go “Moo!”?”

“Very funnny. No, I touched the cowbell and immediately was overcome with pink and purple smoke. The next thing I knew, here I was, standing at your door. Standing at your door with no umbrella, getting all wet and feeling like something real magical had happened.”

Naomi couldn’t find her words at first but it didn’t take long. “Are you feeling ok? Dizzy maybe, did you hit your head? Let me get my spghy … my sphygmam…Oh I can never remember that long  name.” Minutes later she came back with her blood pressure cuff.

“My blood pressure is fine. I don’t need any sphygmomanometer. But wait, I forgot to tell you something so important. Next to the cow was a long necked hippo and she sang! Did you ever know that hippos could sing? They don’t sound very good, but I wasn’t going to tell her that for she was really kind and pleasant. Her name was Henrietta.”

Naomi wrapped the blood pressure cuff around Bob’s arm and started pumping.

28 thoughts on “Was it Magic?

  1. Lots of your fun twists and something so sweet about a hippo not singing very elk but still bringing the song to the world
    And the very ending – with the pumping
    Left us with this action – nice

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice use of the spag-what’s it called in your story. And I kinda figured Betsy and Henrietta would make an appearance (or at least be responsible for the outcome). Well done tying up the ends, except I’m dying to know what flavour of pie was it? πŸ˜„


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