What Happened to Bob?

*Thanks to those wbo gave me some words on Friday to make a story around. It did add a challenging twist for me! Here is the list of words that were given. Spaceship,Sphygmamanometer, Fly swatter, Deli sandwich,Family Bible, Umbrella,Truss.

Image from Pinterest of an actual bridge in Kentucky.

Bob and Jerry stopped and stared. They had taken a break from fishing and went on a walk, coming to a stop at this most unique, covered bridge.

Jerry clapped Bob on the shoulder, “How did you get your school bus up there?” He joked. Bob had recently retired from being a bus driver.

Jerry put his hands on the trusses. “The framework is solid.” He had retired from being a construction worker.’ Now the old friends spent a lot of time fishing and enjoying a more laid back pace.

They both had always lived a life of bachelor hood. Thats how they met one day. Both ate at the same deli often and were ordering aandwiches. Ham and Swiss cheese on rye with a pickle please, was the sandwich that Bob had asked for, with some salt and vinegar chips on the side. Jerry stood behind him ready to order the same thing. A friendship was born and has been going strong eversince.

One day Bob visited his sister. He opened the screen door and smelled fresh apple pie baking. He stood there for a moment inhaling the sweet aroma.

“Close the door! You are letting the fly’s in! I been chasing fly’s all morning with my fly swatter. Tina had her three young boys here earlier, and they were running in and out.

Bob closed the door right away. He didn’t want to make Naomi mad and not get some fresh apple pie.

“Sorry I missed seeing the boys. They are fun little rascals.”

Naomi shook her head. “And you are the biggest rascal of all.” She smacked his hand that was holding the knife to cut a piece of the pie. “Its still hot, patience!”

Bob stuck out his bottom lip.

“Your poor wife would have had her hands full with you! A good thing you didn’t get married.”

“HA! I am the lucky one. I don’t have a Honey-do chore list a mile long every morning. Remember those lists mom made for dad?”

Naomi laughed. “Yes. And you could always hear him muttering to himself as he walked out of the house with it in his hands.”

At last the pie was cooled off enough to cut and Bob was rewarded for his patience. Naomi joined him at the table and they chatted about the day.

“The boys enjoyed looking at the Family Bible this morning. They wanted to know who all the names were written inside on the Family Tree. I could only tell them some. Do you know who Cora Beth or Alice were? ”

Bob shrugged his shoulders. “Nope, ask Aunt Clara, she may know. Maybe Cora Beth was the special sister, the one no one ever talked about. Know what I mean, the crazy one. Every family has one, right?”

“Most definitely and I think they are all given the name Bob.” She said with a wink. Bob made a face in reply. They had a pleasant visit and then Bob rushed out the door to meet Jerry at the lake.

Bob had just reached the lake with his fishing pole and bait when the clouds opened up. Jerry wasn’t there, apparently he had checked the forecast, unlike Bob. The rain showered down upon him as he thought about his umbrella in the car.

Later that night Bob was sitting out in the glider on his porch listening to the crickets chirping. The rain storm had passed over pretty quickly and it was the perfect temperature outside.

In the distant Bob saw flashing bright neon green lights. What were they? The brightness was growing in its intensity as they got closer!

Bob started feeling a little dizzy. Was he hallucinating? Perhaps his blood pressure was up again. He had misplaced his sphygmanometer and hadn’t checked his blood pressure in awhile.

Bob stood up. No way! It couldn’t be. A real spaceship was landing in his yard! Jerry would never believe this.

The spaceship landed and Bob was mesmerized. When the door to the spaceship opened he was blinded by the light that he almost fell down. Slowly he managed to walk towards the ship, as if he was in a trance.

Nobody could figure it out the next day. There was a big circle in Bob’s yard. The grass had been burned and Bob was nowhere to be found.

54 thoughts on “What Happened to Bob?

  1. Technically, you failed in your assignment. You used “trusses” instead of “truss.” And you misspelled sphygmomanometer. I’m giving you a chance to bring your “F” up, but you’ll have to write a new post using all these words, properly.

    Meanwhile, Bob is now living on the planet, Schtupiter, where he has been enslaved. He’s been assigned the job of driving a bus for Schtupiter school kids.

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