The Polite Thief … Dying from Laughter? … Rollerskating Mishap and Other Fun Facts!


Ooh the days of rollerskating fun. I could skate into an expensive mirror without playing a violin.


I would be more than happy to give either one the right of the way!


Well I guess thats what you call a helpful thief.


That wouldn’t be a bad way to die, but being that I am still here one must have to laugh exceptionally hard in order to die! I will keep believing that laughter is the best medicine.


He deserves to feel proud!


There goes my heart strings again! ❀

71 thoughts on “The Polite Thief … Dying from Laughter? … Rollerskating Mishap and Other Fun Facts!

  1. I used to read our local newspaper for an organization called The Society for the Blind once a week. We read with a partner and took turns reading the articles. That allowed you to use the bathroom, get a drink, etc., when it wasn’t your turn. I started reading an article, and it was about a person who went into someone’s yard and began mowing their lawn on a riding mower. The owner, an elderly lady, could not get the person to stop. She ended up calling the police. My partner got the giggles which, of course, passed on to me. I could barely finish reading the article.

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    • πŸ˜‚ Laughter is so contagious!
      How great of you to help out wifh fhat organization.
      I guess that person just thought they were doing a good deed by moving the lawn, but it is usually better to ask first. 😊

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  2. Fantastic stories! I loved Bones’ portrayal of the Star Trek Doctor and the love-hate relationship with Spock – the “pointy eared hobgoblin.” as McCoy once called him in a fit of rage at Spock using logic to comment on an emotional situation.

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  3. I could never possibly die from laughing at my own joke. That requires an enlarged self-perception of my ability at humor. I do occasionally tell some jokes that make people laugh, but since I obviously already know the punch line, why would I laugh hard enough upon its delivery to kill myself???

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