The Love Story of a Single White Rose

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A single white rose. She held it in her hands, breathing in the scent. Laura sat down on the bench, closing  her eyes.

His image was painted into her mind and sbe thought of the brightest colors when remembering the warmth of his smile.

When she had first stepped onto the train, she had no thoughts about meeting someone. All she could think about was getting home. It had been an  exhausting time. She had been on a business trip, no time for pleasure. Little did she know the pleasure that a  certain young man would bring.

They had met in the dining car. He noticed her sitting alone and asked whether he could join her. Kyle was his name, he had told her, putting out his hand. Smiling, she invited him to sit down. She figured it would be nice to chat with someone, little did she suspect how deep their conversation would go.

The next three days as they clattered down the tracks they rarely left each other’s side. She used to scoff about love at first sight,  but that was before she met her knight. He may not have come riding a white horse but she didn’t want a horse anyway.

How many train rides had there been since that very first one? The one that had been life changing for them, bringing them a love like no other.

When the train had pulled into the station after that first ride, they hadn’t wanted to say goodbye.

Getting off the train they had spied the bench. The same bench that she now sat on.

Wanting to delay saying goodbye they had sat down on the bench, holding onto each other’s hands. There was a young boy selling white roses and Kyle had stopped him as he walked by. He bought her a single white rose, promising her that this wasn’t goodbye, that he would see her again. He kept his promise.

Opening up her eyes she sighed, breathing in the scent of the rose one more time. Then she stood up and started for home.

“See you next year, Miss Laura.’ The ticket agent called to her. She turned around and acknowledged him with a nod of her head and a genuine smile.

As he watched her walk away, his gaze went to the bench that she had been sitting on. He spied the white rose which he knew would be there. For the past three years she would come carrying a single white rose and always leaving it behind, after she sat awhile. Oh, how he wished to know the story behind the single white rose.

24 thoughts on “The Love Story of a Single White Rose

  1. Joy, you tugged my heart. I’m visual so immediately I saw a movie in my mind. I absolutely enjoyed this love story. It gives hope and encouragement about real love. Trains are special to me. That’s another reason it touched my heart. You’re gifted my friend. Love and hugs! 💛💕🤗

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  2. I don’t get it. You say in the story that he kept his promise. So why would she be returning to the bench every year, with a white rose?

    Seems to me like he disappeared forever, worrying that he got her pregnant. The white rose was just a ruse, to give her false hope so she wouldn’t go looking for him, with a DNA test kit.

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