Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When you make something that turns out really good … and your husband says that you need to make it again … Good feeling … until you realize that you didn’t follow a recipe and just threw things together and trying to remember what all you put in it.

Found a Domino’s Pizza gift certificate … you know that you have had it for awhile, but good news … no expiration date on it … What are things that make you smile that have no expiration date?

Its your turn again … you did a wonderful job when I asked for what could be written on notes … now its a little easier … name an object, any object at all, and I will see if I can get all of them into a story.

40 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Joy, good luck on reinventing the recipe. I know the feeling. I was watching CBS morning news one Sunday and they did a piece of a Gullah cook whose granddaughters wanted to honor with a cookbook. The trouble is she cooked by taste, so that had to replicate the best they kid instructions.

    As for the topic suggestion, here is one “Grandma left me her bible with all of these names in it.” To be more telling, it should be before


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    • Sweet about the granddaughters, but yes, that would make it hard. I think I got close enough for he did like it. πŸ™‚
      Oooh yes those old family Bibles. Good one!
      My MIL is very much into genealogy!


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