Don’t Insult an Alicorn!

If you are wondering whether poor Alabaster and Snowball ever arrived at the North Pole on the back of their alicorn, here is the conclusion to my earlier post, The Gift of the Unicorn 

Santa’s cottage was feeling quite cozy with the fire blazing. Alabaster and Snowball were so glad to be back home to the North Pole at last! Snowball felt like his head was still spinning. Alabaster was stretched out, lying down in the plush carpet, trying to regain a sense of balance. 

Candy Cane, was sitting across from Santa, shaking her head and laughing still about the watermelon that had got broken over Alabaster’s head. Who knew that fairies could be so tricky. She couldn’t stop laughing for she remembered what had happened before they left for their little trip. They had been teasing CandyCane some, for they knew she had wanted to go along on the trip. 

She gave them a smug look. “I am feeling really glad that I didn’t go with you guys, and now maybe you know the truth behind the words, “What goes around, comes around.” she said. “Tell us about your ride on the alicorn, you both looked so pale when you first got here.” 

Snowball groaned, putting his head in his hands, and a moan arose from Alabaster who still had his eyes closed. “Alabaster called it a unicorn and I think it was insulted. The wild ride was his fault. Do alicorn’s get mad?” 

Santa winked at CandyCane. “Alicorns are fun and playful like unicorns. it wasn’t mad, but I do believe that it decided it would teach you a lesson.”  Snowball made a face, as Alabaster let out another moan. 

“With the way you are moaning Alabaster, one would think you are old, have some achy bones? Oh, wait, you will soon be older, won’t you?” 

Snowball and CandyCane smiled, “That’s right, a birthday may be around the corner. Santa knows all!” 

“Pftttt!” was Alabaster’s reply, he was a humble elf, who never wanted much fuss made about his birthday. “Weren’t we talking about Snowball and how he had us in a tailspin up in the air?” 

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault, it was the alicorn who was spinning around and going side to side as we hung on for dear life. I never thought we would land!” 

“So what was the magic word that finally made the alicorn land?”

Alabaster was sitting up by now and he and Snowball looked at each other. They winced at the memory. “We yelled HELP and maybe some other gibberish. We were so ferhoodled, we couldn’t speak coherently. We had slid off and were holding onto the alicorn’s neck!”

Santa looked at them with compassion, though CandyCane was still smirking. “I am sorry, and sure that it was scary, but you didn’t need to fear, you were in good hands. The alicorn would not have let you fall.”

Then with a teasing glint in his eyes, “Would you like to take another ride tomorrow?” 

“NO!” They both shouted. 

Santa smiled broadly. “We are glad you are back safe and sound, and Snowball you arrived just in time. It is your turn to help Chef Salvo in the kitchen tomorrow for lunch.  Get good night’s rest tonight and my sincere thanks to you both for bringing me my alicorn.” Santa gave them each a big pat on their shoulders and bid them goodnight, sending them back to their cottages with cups of hot peppermint cocoa. 

Snowball and Alabaster had to repeat their story the next day at breakfast for all the other elves to hear. There was good natured teasing again, but everyone was glad to see them back. Especially their pals, Jinx, Jangle and Tink. They had also been envious of Snowball and Alabaster getting to go on their little trip, but considered themselves fortunate now that they didn’t go. Getting trapped by fairies and a wild ride on the alicorn, yeah, it was better that it happened to Snowball and Alabaster. 

“Hi Chef! So what are we making for lunch?” Snowball walked into the kitchen later that morning and Chef Salvo inwardly sighed. He liked Snowball, he was a fun elf, but oh, he could be scary in the kitchen. He could barely even boil water. Fortunately today’s menu wasn’t too difficult, maybe all would be fine. 

“We are having grilled cheese, think you can handle it?” 

“No problem.” 

“So you know how to make it? No questions?” Chef Salvo eyed him warily. 

“How hard can it be to grill cheese?”  

“Good. Then I will let you do that, while I work on dessert.” Chef Salvo walked away and Snowball stared at the stove and the frying pan. Well first he had to get the cheese, he knew that much. He opened the fridge and pulled out the packs of cheese slices. Now he was ready to begin. 

Hmmm… this was turning out to be harder than he had thought it would be. The cheese was sticking and turning into a big glob in the pan. Smoke was rising. 

SNOWBALL! What did you do?” 

“I am grilling cheese like you said, I think I may have turned the burner up too high.”

Chef Salvo felt his temperature rising, but to be fair, he hadn’t said sandwiches, he had only said grilled cheese. He had forgotten that he had to specify things very clearly to Snowball. 

Sadly he looked at all the burnt cheese stuck to the frying pan. He pulled out another frying pan, not saying a word. Got a loaf of bread and butter and set it in front of Snowball. “Grilled Cheese sandwiches is what I want. You butter both sides of each piece of bread, put a slice of cheese in and fry it until its light brown and the cheese is melted. Think you can do that?” 

“I won’t let you down Chef!”  

“Thanks Snowball!” he whispered a prayer as he walked away. 

Fortunately his prayers were answered, the sandwiches looked perfectly toasted and ready to be served. Chef Salvo felt relief pour over him. 

“Great job Snowball!” He patted him on the back and Snowball beamed, feeling proud. 

Everyone was guzzling water like crazy! Why were the grilled cheese sandwiches so spicy! 

Snowball’s face was red and he was coughing as well when Chef Salvo came over to him. “Did you add something to these sandwiches?” 

“I just wanted to add a little extra flavor, I saw the hot sauces on the counter so I may have used them.” he said with a sheepish look. 

“How much did you use ?” 

“Wellll I did make lots of sandwiches so several bottles …  perhaps.” 

Chef Salvo sputtered, “It only takes a drop or two in a sandwich, just a little splash. The sandwiches aren’t supposed to swim in it!” 

It was a long time before Snowball ever helped Chef Salvo in the kitchen again. 


21 thoughts on “Don’t Insult an Alicorn!

  1. I think what happened then was that Chef Salvo was having Snowball use so much butter on both sides of the bread and both sides of the cheese, that a lot of butter ended up on the floor. Candy Cane came into the kitchen to tease poor Snowball again and slipped in the better and fell into a pile of old brown bananas.

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  2. Ah, the hijinks of Santa’s elves! Why are things funny when they are happening to others but we wouldn’t think were funny if they were happening to us? And shame on you, Jason, if Candy Cane ends up breaking her hip – that was YOUR idea!

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