Flying High!

This is Part 2 to Playing the Game

Mindy felt smug, she had the perfect plan. Once and for all she would settle this. Was Corbin her beloved Romeo who had courted her so romantically in his letters? Did he have a genuine beart or was he just a conniving con-artist who she was losing her heart too?

If he couldn’t or wouldn’t come to her then she would follow her heart to him!

Sbe had vacation time built up at work and she always wanted to see the Oregon coast. Being from the tiny state of Rhode Island Mindy was excited about exploring the West Coast.

Her plane ticket was bougbt and tomorrow she would leave. Was she nervous? Oh yes! More than once she had questioned her impulsive decision. But she had to know the truth!

With a prayer on her lips Mindy zipped her suitcase closed. She could do this! Like the story of the Little train that Could, that her mom had often read to her when she was a child. Mindy had courage and strength, she wouldn’t back down.

Two hours later she turned off the lights and climbed into bed. Sweet dreams take her away, she prayed. Don’t let it be a restless night worrying about what tomorrow would bring.

The flight had been smooth. So far so good, but her stomach was now churning with butterflies! Mindy had to do this quickly ot she would run out of nerve. All she had to do now was hail a taxi and show up at his doorstep. No problem!

A half hour later she was standing in front of a townhouse. The bright red door looked formidable. Oooh she was crazy!! Ding-Dong! She rang quickly before she turned and ran, trying to catch her taxi.

A gorgeous brunette woman opened the door. All Mindy could do was stare wide eyed! Maybe she had the wrong townhouse.

“Hi! I am sorry to bother you but does Corbin Donaldson live here?”

Mindy was sure that this woman could hear the pounding of her heart. It was as loud as thunder.

The woman flashed her an apologetic smile. “Yes, this is his house, but I am sorry he isn’t here right now. Can I help you?”

Mindy’a stomach sank. Was he at the hospital visiting his mother? Was he really a doting son, had she read him wrong? But why was there a gorgeous woman in his townhouse?

Taking a deep breath she mustered up her courage. “Do you know when he will be home, I would like to speak with him.”

The lady eyed her for a bit. Mindy almost shrumk back from her gaze.

“Why would you like to see him? May I ask your name?”

“Mindy Pbillips.”

The brunette’s face instantly changed. It lit up. “The Mindy Phillips? The one from Rhode Island that he can’t stop talking about! Oh dear, its really you! Oh, what are we going to do!”

Mindy blushed, he talked about her! But why did she wonder about what they would do. The lady seemed excited, but yet? And who was she??

“What a pleasure to meet you face to face. I am Corbin’s sister, Linda. Please come in. We have a lot to talk about!”

His sister! Relief coursed through her body as she followed Linda inside. What all did she have to tell? Mindy was all ears.

Corbin looked out the window. He hated flying but he knew he had too. It had been put off for too long. He took a deep breath to calm himself. The plane ride would be fine. He could do this!

Some things were worth overcoming, his fear of flying, was one of them! He had to do it for Mindy. She had become so special to him.

Glancing out the window he did a doubletake. He had only one glass of scotch, what was he seeing? Was that a flying Alicorn in the sky? It looked like a unicorn but had wings. Were they truly real? Who were those tiny guys on the back of it?? Ooh he really must be going crazy!

Mindy was overcome with emotion as she sat talking to Linda. How wrong she had been! His mom really was an ailing woman and his brother had got hurt in a work accident.

Fortunately Corbin had been able to get his job back and thats why he had finally bought the plane ticket to surprise Mindy. He hadn’t wanted to tell her in advance, for how could he once more back out and disappoint her. His psychologist had really been working with him to get over his paranoia of flying but would it work? So many times before he had tried. Went to the airport with his ticket in hand but each time he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“My brother really does care deeply for you! He has had this paranoia for years, eversince the time that he was in a plane crash long ago.”

Tears sprung to Mindy’s eyes. He had fought to overcome his fear all because of her! Oh, how could she have ever doubted him! A warm peace filled her and she couldn’t stop smiling, perhaps her prince really had shown up for her. Now she and Linda just needed to get him back home!

24 thoughts on “Flying High!

  1. Seeing an alicorn out the window of the airplane after having had a traumatic breakdown… hmmm. Shades of “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”?

    I frequently have this problem of crossed meetings, though more often with regard to fixing insurance and billing problems. Pool guys tend to be punctual, however.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I knew you couldn’t sabotage a sappy romance story by making him a bad guy.

    I like how you added the wayward elves too. That was funny.

    Now he might refuse to fly again after the alicorn incident and Mindy will be left to tend his ailing mother.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, I can’t be known as the romance sabotager!

      Glad you liked the surprise of the wayward elves. That idea just popped in my head, kind of like when the “toupee” comment popped in my head on Friday. Though I ended up paying for that flash of ingenuity. LOL!

      No, he needs to see Mindy! She will fly back to Rhode Island and fly back with him. She might be secretly hoping to also see an Alicorn..😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • But as Mindy flies back to Rhode Island, Corbin flies back to Oregon and the pass each other in the air. It turns out they’re both doofuses.

        On the flight back, Mindy sees a flying alicorn out the window. They both decide to report it to the FAA and are sent to a funny farm together where they both live happily ever after.

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  3. I was happy to note that you didn’t say this was the ‘conclusion’ to the earlier story! You did well with this one … I imagined a wife, or a mafia team, or something far more ominous than what happened! Now, the question is .. the question is … oh heck, it’s late and I’ve had a rotten day, and I don’t know what the question is, but I’m sure others will come up with some! 😉

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  4. Corbin will have to catch a ride on the back of an alicorn, if he wants to meet up with Mindy. An alicorn can get him back to the West Coast in two shakes of a mare’s tail. So the fact that he saw an alicorn on his flight to Rhode Island is providence.

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